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The First Modern Feminist Was a Man Living in the 17th century - Nov 16, 2021

His name was Francois Poulain and he was into radical enlightenment at an early age. This was considered a more intensely anti-authoritarian strain of the early Enlightenment. We, the United States, is standing at the water’s edge of the Age of Enlightenment. Woman will share equal power roles with men and science and culture will

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Discover and Use Universal Laws over Man Made Laws - Nov 2, 2021

If you live long enough and have had enough hard-knock experiences, you begin to really and seriously wonder if there isn’t an easier way to live. My personal experiences have touched on prosperity, higher consciousness and all the myriad expressions of rising above the tests we get while being human. There were always universal laws

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The Important Female Role Leading us Forward - Oct 24, 2021

It may seem the opposite of media reports regarding the set back of women in the workplace, but in spite of the statistics reciting how many women have gotten behind or had to drop out due to childcare issues, she is still advancing.  Her preparation period is still in place and as her situation is

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Think and Prepare Like a Warrior - Oct 11, 2021

Many years ago I read an excerpt from a book written by John Perkins who had or has a base in New Jersey where he taught martial arts and their mental requirements.  I found it pretty relevant to everyday life.  His specialty was preparing newly graduated police recruits for the real world of the streets.  It wasn’t enough to learn from an academy but to also learn the down and out chaos of the real world.

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Keep Hanging in There Until 2024! - Sep 16, 2021

The crazy behavior of humans is understandable if you look at ancient history as well as just the last several hundred years.  We still are learning to master the behavior of the civilized.  We aren’t there yet so it is not surprising to see barbarian behavior both in and out of the “civilized world”.  We

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The Golden Age of Stupidity - Aug 30, 2021

I try to gain wisdom over smart as I age in place.  I always thought wisdom was less in supply than smart.  We have many smart people who just aren’t wise.  We have individuals with numerous degrees or credentials.  They became well educated in specific areas but they never became wise.  Maybe that is why we see the outpouring of stupidity we see today.

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Let’s Remember to Laugh and Dance to Love - Aug 21, 2021

What a crazy funny week this has been. I have to laugh at the nuttiness of it all. Just when you think the world can’t get worse in the news or social media or any media, you remember a few basic tenets of our current life. This all will pass away. All of us will someday too. So, it behooves us to think on the things that are beautiful, wonderful and kind. The news will just always be negative because that is what sells and people like to be scared or angry or right. The news is plastered with the ending of this phase of Afghanistan’s evolution. It is plastered with covid counts. Gosh, I can’t read them any more.

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The Day of Reckoning Has Arrived - Aug 11, 2021

We humans love certainty, safety, dependability and trust. We have relied on our jobs, marriages, good health, our investments, our pensions and even our pets. We think we can control our lives by routines and good habits. We never think about pandemics, food deprivations (in the developed countries) and other devastating acts of God and nature. We depend upon this earth world for everything. We look for our perfect mate, our doctors to take care of us, if we can afford it, our jobs, our vacations, our happiness and leaders who will make wise decisions for us.

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The Price to be Paid for the Rise in Individualism - Jul 22, 2021

“As a species, if we do not stop ignoring what Mother Earth is telling us about our
practices, she’s gonna do it for us.  And it’s not going to be humans winning.”  Jess Due, national care director of Farm Sanctuary.  We have become a ruling class that has created another world living against its environment, not with it.

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In a World of Noise, Discipline is your Greatest Asset - Jun 8, 2021

It was Lincoln who said “America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

What can we do to not destroy ourselves through these challenging times?  

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