Private Sessions

Individual Consultations and Private Sessions

You were born with a specific name on a specific date. Based upon these details, Gail interprets your chart to reveal your life path, your karmic connections, your personal blueprint, and more.

Gail will help you understand:

  • Your master numbers and karmic corrections
  • Your Soul, Personality and Destiny Numbers, childhood issues
  • Your personal relationships—friends, business associates and significant other
  • Your best timing, house and office numbers
  • Your best usage of your talents and more

Gail is able to look at your chart and the chart of your relation to determine inherent qualities and how they mesh (or don’t!). Because numerology reading and calculations can tell the true story of a relationship, it can be a very powerful tool!

How it works:

Gail offers a variety of over-the-phone options for consultations. For example: “General Numerology Interpretation” or “Young People’s Blueprint.” These are shown in the [list] [grid] below. Click on each to see more details. You may purchase sessions through the online store and then schedule the time that works best for you with Gail via email. Most session options include a recording so you can review the information and remember exactly what was revealed. Recordings can be delivered online.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, Gail is available for face-to-face appointments.  Person-to Person sessions are one hour session. Please contact her by calling 800-600-0256 or emailing

What if we were aware of our own individual plans set up before our birth? What if we knew that we had a special calling, a specific direction and our own personal time frames? What if we knew our talents from past lives as well as our shortcomings? How differently would we live our life? Probably very differently!

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