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“As a species, if we do not stop ignoring what Mother Earth is telling us about our
practices, she’s gonna do it for us.  And it’s not going to be humans winning.”  Jess Due, national care director of Farm Sanctuary.  We have become a ruling class that has created another world living against its environment, not with it.

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5 responses to “The Price to be Paid for the Rise in Individualism”

  1. Andrea Gold says:

    THE BIG PICTURE: Many of the issues today are creating an “us” vs. “they” mentality. It’s a very divisive period of time, in some ways. Each person genuinely feels he or she comes from good intent and that he or she is right. Whatever a person’s beliefs and leanings, keep kindness, tolerance, and compassion top of mind in thought, word, and deed. Otherwise, a person risks becoming that very thing that he or she detests in others.

  2. Gail,
    Thank you for this post. A steady voice of reason in a sea of individual Factless based Conspiracy theories. I say let the anti vaccers be prevented/banned from getting hospital help. Let them suffer the full results of their stupid choices. They are not the one’s who are uplifting their communities, but the loudest voices tearing the communities down.
    I understand that this is all part of a greater “plan” to awaken humanity to their “Spiritual Beingness” but in the process there are a lot of innocent “bystanders” who are negatively being affected or dying due to others stupidity, racism (ethnicity, skin color, economic class, etc.). I no longer have a lot of hope for a Democratic America, but I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me what it is going to be either. I just continue to live my life spreading a message of “You are not your physical body with a Spirit, but a Spiritual Essence that happens to be expressing as a physical body in this physical world, and your “job” (as a Soul) is to awake to that and act accordingly — cooperation not competition, inclusion (racial, gender, sexual orientation, Spiritual beliefs, etc.), humanity vs nationality, connection to & support of Mother Nature & this planet, upliftment & inclusion not division & superiority based on skin color, education, economic status, and/or “clan” mentality. I also have a strong belief in fully holding people responsible for their choices and the impact they have on others.
    As Ghandi said, “BE the change / love / ??? you desire to see in the world.”

  3. Vera Calabria says:

    Definitely don’t underestimate homeopathy. Just don’t forget that in that field, too there are good and bad drs./practitioners, like in all fields.
    In Italy 504 people were treated w/homeopathy against covid: all of them healed, and none of them had to go to the hospital. There is actually a database of homeopathic remedies used against covid which is being gathered by doctors in Africa. One of my kids got covid. Homeopathy did the “trick”.
    But back to the big subject individualism vs. community: Individualism WITHIN the community could be a solution…

  4. Anita says:

    So True! People today have forgotten how diseases in the past ravaged populations. (Unfortunately, homeopathy was around and didn’t save them) I pray we can come together soon.

  5. Regina LeBorg says:

    Dont be fooled by the “idea” that the Covid vaccine will stop the virus. Flu shots dont stop flu. People learn to take care of themselves. Homeopathy has powerful preventive medicine and treatments. The best immunity is acquired by self care so that an acute illness does not progress into its worst stage. Understanding the immune system has been the centerpiece of Homeopathic medicine for two hundred years. It should be given lots of attention now.

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