Presentations & Workshops

Keynote presentations, lectures or workshops tailored to your business or organization.

Minogue frequently speaks on four popular topics, in a variety of formats adapted to the needs of your specific audience. These presentations are dynamically updated to include up-to-the-minute current news and events, market conditions, and customized to your business type or organizational activities.

The Invisible System

Years of prosperity followed by financial crashes and ruin. Leaders and institutions exposed for corruption, deceptions and denial. Major changes to our old systems are fast afoot! Gail lays out the framework of the Invisible System, then helps answer your pressing and important questions:

  • What influences are continually at work and affecting our lives?
  • What are the timelines?
  • How can we use the system and innately benefit from it?

The U.S.A. and Our True Role

The United States’ genius for assimilation and collaboration in world affairs is part of our country’s unique heritage and destiny. Gail answers vital questions with a fascinating take not seen in history textbooks:

  • Where do American ideals come from?
  • Why has our nation seemed so lucky?
  • What are our unique qualities that will help us advance the human condition?

Trends and Forecasts

Gail lays out a broad-based overview of economic, financial, social, religious and political macro-trends, and then examines how fundamental tendencies align with ancient cycles.

  • What are the vital sectors that will be essential for growth?
  • What can we expect in key areas of government regarding housing, defense, jobs and even the political system itself?
  • How will the financial markets function over the next 5 years, 10 years and beyond?

The Extreme Makeover

Welcome to the new era of realism, skepticism and caution. Social, political, religious and economic systems are being transformed. Learn how important developments fit perfectly with cycles established in antiquity, including the 500-year Renaissance Cycle.

  • Where are we in this important cycle, and what’s yet to come?
  • Why are so many monumental changes happening now?
  • Why is this such a vital time for human progress?

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