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The Dawn of a New Renaissance

While we are going about normal day to day activities most of us are unaware of a greater change that is taking place across the world. We are given bits and pieces of seemingly disjointed pieces of the new and we have yet to step back and see a greater picture that is being painted. As in all transitions from one Age to another, there is great upheaval and chaos. We stand poised at the dawn of new Era and Age, the Age of Aquarius and the Era of Humanity.
We have been letting the old Age of Pisces detach from our lives. With any type of ending and new beginning, there is excitement, hope, fear, chaos and anxiety. This has been actually going on since the late 1700’s and is about to go into high gear as we enter the New World Renaissance, a cycle that is repeated every 500 years.

Where does this leave you and me? Based on the inclusion of Numerology, Astrology, the I Ching and other sacred books, we are in a personal Renaissance in our own lives. There is always the “as above, so below” consideration–the macrocosm and the microcosm. What is happening globally is also happening personally. We are experiencing massive change and stand in the presence of a great opportunity to develop ourselves, our will and our minds within our collective group. We can no longer operate successfully with our old way of thinking. As you can see from our current situation as a culture, we are bring forced to take more responsibility for our own lives. We must now make constructive changes in our thinking, judgments and in our behavior.

Numerology tells us that we are now in the millennium of the 2000 and no longer operate under the vibration of the number one as in 999 through 1999 (1000 years). This alone is setting up a domino affect in many areas of our lives. The number two teaches us cooperation, diplomacy, tact, interdependence and patience. We must learn that in our own lives. In order for us to be successful now, we will be persuaded to cooperate more, to be more tactful, to understand the art of compromise and to become more patient. Just as the policies in the world will require interdependence, so too will our lives be undergoing the same lesson. There are certain key years that will help you better understand these lessons. The Soul downloads everything it learned the prior 7 years of its birth starting at age 7. In our personal lives we need to know what are these ages and what to expect.

Our country has a Life Path in Numerology of the number 5. This sets up the dynamics for a plan that has freedom as its essential characteristic. If you have been born into this country or arrived after birth, you absorb this energy immediately and begin to take on the same quality. Freedom allows us to be a catalyst for others in the world. We as a nation can help others make change constructively through this period. We must first learn it ourselves.

Both Numerology and Astrology point out the big shift that is occurring. The last Piscean Age was based on an emotional premise and was represented by the use of water throughout the time. There are many examples of this, one of the most notable being Jesus walked on water and turned water into wine. This represents in our own lives the time of learning and how to handle our own emotions. Religion was a part of this period and our major religions of today were born during this period. New Age teachings are transforming and reducing the old religions as part of this ending of the last Age.

Astrologically, we are about to undergo a major transformation of government, laws and the social contract. You will personally be affected by these and should know which ones will be changing. Already you are feeling the squeeze financially as it affects the housing and finance markets across the world. This will spread into other areas. The sign of Aquarius is an air sign and is representative of the individual and the mind. It is detached and yet interested in humanity as a whole. It is impersonal yet humanitarian. It is the practical over the sentimental. You should by now feel that sense of detachment and aloneness in your own lives. The interesting note on this detachment is you can know what is going on in Ukraine and yet not know your neighbors across the street. Further examples of this will help you understand why even all our buildings have become box-like and made of cement, glass and metal. The practical is used over the sentimental of the old Age which included the gingerbread and Victorian structures.

Fear, anger and anxiety exist right now because fear was the teaching tool of the old Piscean Age (each Age lasts approximately 2000 years), We need to learn the teaching tools of the Aquarian Age and prepare for the events that are to come. 2024 is the pivotal year. We can call it the “get-ready year”.

7 responses to “The Dawn of a New Renaissance”

  1. Barbara Lauger says:

    Fundamentally, will a certain politician completely eliminate democracy as we’ve known it for 200+ years or should that individual find a new planet to populate?

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    Detachment, higher awareness, enlightenment, supporting the group as much as we support ourselves. Developing the ability to see both sides or more sides of an issue.

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello my friend Robert. Wishing you all the best — including joy.

  4. Gail Minogue says:

    Prepare for change during this transition. Develop your rich inner world as these societal changes are ongoing. Birthing to a new awareness can be quite messy. It is important to stay centered, focused and dependent on your own intuition. Man-made manifestations continue to change. Concentrate on the good, the beautiful and the true.

  5. Geza Kisch says:

    When you say prepare what does that mean.
    How do you prepare?
    For what are we preparing for?
    It is unclear to me.
    It seems society is falling apart and I cannot see what good will come out of this?
    What is the direction.

  6. Robert Ray Schantz says:

    As always Gail your wisdom and guidance is greatly appreciated. Much love back in your direction and I hope all is well with you. Robert

  7. Jeanne Gehringer says:

    Excellent as always.

    What are the teaching tools of the Aquarian Age?

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