Personal Testimonials

Learn how others have benefited from Gail’s consultations, writings and workshops.

“Thank you again for the amazing numerology reading on Friday. I received my tape and information the following Monday and have been enjoying listening to the tape. I pick up new things every time I listen to it. It is incredibly motivating. I noticed in your brochure that there is a follow-up reading called “Future Influences, Cycles and Time Frames.” I would like to arrange a time to have that done as well. I would also like to set up a time for a General Numerology Interpretation for my mother.”

–Bonnie M., Seattle, WA

“Gail’s Book ‘Divine Design’ is fun, spirited and helpful! A must-have for personal decision-making.”

Vikki Pryor, New York, NY

“A few months ago I attended one of your workshops at East-West Bookstore in Mountain View, CA. … For the past six years I have been trying to come to peace with the spiritual gifts that I experience. I had been asking questions, hoping someone would at least say something that encouraged me to know I’m not crazy. You are that person. I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your words gave me hope.”

Patti L., Mountain View, CA

“I can’t believe how almost EXACTLY on target my numbers came out with everything. It helped me to realize that I’ve been right about the “feelings” I’ve had lately.”

Suzanne G., Beverly Hills, CA

“I wanted to let you know that I’ve read your book Divine Design and it is a fantastic book. I cannot tell you how much listening to you and reading your book has helped me understand where I am headed in my life.”

Brian C., Phoenix, AZ

“I am a 69-year old man who came to your talk at Open Secret in San Rafael. After walking out on three speakers there in two weeks, I feel it fortunate that I stayed that evening… I have said that your book should be required study in grade school before we screw up. It is very helpful.”

Gordon B., San Rafael, CA

“Thank you so much for speaking on Friday. We all enjoyed your energy, insights and good news on the coming Age of Aquarius. And your message to set our life gauge to live longer was great.”

Robbie R., San Diego, CA

“Gail, that is a wonderful newsletter. Absolutely wonderful. Brilliant and rational. I’m sending it to many friends.”
Flo S, Los Angeles

“Gail is the go-to for all your questions on numerology. You’ll never look at a number the same again!”

Lisa Linke, Chicago, IL

“I also would like to thank you for who you are and what you have done for my life.”

Kip Z., Monterey, CA