About Gail

gail-aboutGail Minogue assists individuals and organizations to navigate the dynamics of change and become master builders of their futures, relationships, and successes. She provides clients with remarkable insights through a unique combination of trends analysis and forecasting, ancient & contemporary cyclical data, Pythagorean numerology, plus the wisdom gained from her experience in business markets and the intensive study and use of intuitive spiritual systems.

Gail is a Los Angeles-based professional who reveals the symbolic relationship of numbers to our life experiences. Her specialty is integrating real world experiences with holistic inner teachings. She is a licensed commodities broker and has studied and utilized the ancient sciences of numbers and patterns for 25 years.

Minogue’s books include Divine Design: How You Created the Life You Are Living, now in its third edition with expanded content, and The Invisible System, which is in final preparation for publication. In addition to media appearances on outlets including CNN, ABC and Charter Communications, she has produced the DVD special “New World Renaissance,” and also offers media of her presentations through this web site.