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I thought I would write today about the Personal Years. We get a new one each year. It is tied to the Universal Year but it is more powerful for you than the Universal Year (2022). Personal years set up the energy of what you can expect during the year. It is your own private

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2 responses to “What is Your Personal Year in 2022”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    The number 10 is actually the number 1 with a zero. Zero represents protection. 10 doesn’t revert to 9

  2. Beverly Wood Back says:

    Gail: The symbols in my just sent email did not come out as they were when proofread before sending. November 2 birthday plus 6 gives me a result of the number 10. 11 plus 2 equals 13 plus 6 equals 19. 1 plus 9 equals 10. No explanation for the 10. Does 10 revert to 9? Thank you:) Bev B.

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