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Taking Care of Your Prized Race Horse

I don’t think I ever thought of my physical form as a prized race horse. I never even thought of it as pony. It didn’t really dawn on me until I got in my 40’s that maybe there was more going on than I thought. Someone told me long ago, before I dyed my hair, that I would live a very long life and that I had to take good care of my health because I would hate to be trapped in my body later in life. The thought of being stuck in there like in the lung machine of a polio patient gave me pause for what that could be like. It was a very scary thought.

I was blessed earlier in my life by meeting Adele Davis who was one of the early pioneers of healthy eating. It was she who said go ahead and eat your eggs just make sure they were fertilized eggs so that the cholesterol was emulsified. It has a natural lecithin quality to them. I have been eating as many eggs as I choose and I continue to maintain normal blood pressure as well as low cholesterol without medication. She also always said to avoid margarine and eat real butter instead. No problem there.

What is the underlying message of taking care of your prized race horse? Of course, each of us is given one and only one at birth. This is it. You have no other transportation through life. If you run your race horse too hard or feed it poorly, it will toss you out of the saddle and you will no longer be able to get around. If you are really injured when you have been thrown off, you will be out of here and contemplating future lives in other realms. Most of us don’t even realize we have been given a prized race horse. If cars are your thing, you can look at it as a very expensive racing car. It’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and requires careful maintenance, correct fuel, parts etc. I think we probably would take better care of the car or the horse than our bodies.

We really can’t fulfill our destiny, lifepath, dreams, hopes or wishes if we continue to disintegrate due to lack of rest, poor eating habits etc. We keep laughing it off and say if we have a problem we can just go the doctor and get it fixed–really??? Lots of our ailments can’t be fixed. They can be treated but the damage has been done. I don’t think we have reached a preventive type of thinking nor a preventive type of care. We continue to indulge. It is easy to do here in the States as we have a 5 life path that rules the 5 senses. Lots of food, booze and rock and roll. Loads of weight loss tricks, diets, books go with this indulgence. The latest is Ozempic family of drugs. They are considered miracle drugs and they are amazing in the weight loss. But, how do you get off of them? What got you there in the first place?

There are numerous examples of the neglect of our race horse. You would never ride it as hard as you do your body. You would always feed it well, ride it sensibly and give it needed water and rest. Why can’t we look at our bodies the same way. For all the hoopla of prosperity, living your dreams, finding your soul mate and your dream house, how about taking better care of your body/race horse first. You can’t stay here as long as you might think, if you haven’t. I have buried loved ones and friends who left too soon due to a breakdown of the body. Could we try to eat less chemicals in our food? Cancer has to have a catalyst to start its move. It can sit for years just waiting for the right conditions and then it surfaces. Surprise, here I am. I have been waiting for you. Why can’t we live to 120 and a normal life span. We are prematurely leaving with Alzheimer, cancer, strokes, diabetes and heart disease. There are also more immune deficient disorders and more and more COPD as well. What gives? Do we move to cleaner air to breathe? Do we give up the processed foods and start learning to cook our own food? What a thought! Are we in so much of a hurry that we won’t take time to prepare healthy foods for the race horse. I’ll tell you if your race horse stood at your kitchen door and needed to be fed, would you give it a pizza? Not if you paid a fortune for the horse!

People come to me for private sessions. This happens especially when they are transitioning from ending of their careers and on the brink of starting a new life. That is great, but what kind of health condition are they in to start this new life. One of the normal answers I get is I exercise several times a week or I walk. Really!! How about the rest of the story. Retirement should be a four letter word. The Soul doesn’t come here to do that. It is an artificial man-made time frame that will fade away. Meantime, what about the years after this date? What about the next 30 years or 50 years past this age? Did you ever think your body could last that long? Could it move around with ease?

I am learning to be better about my eating habits and I am amazed at little things that have resulted in such a big difference in my health. I eat fish twice a week sometimes 3 times. I eat chicken. I don’t like pork, lamb or really steak cooked inside a house. It’s the smell. This is from childhood so I didn’t concoct this as an adult. I do like brisket or pot roast but in minimal amounts. I erroneously thought that including more plant based meals would do the trick. I have found, however, I now have to get 3 weeks of iron infusions followed by 2 months of iron capsules to get the proper amount for healthy blood. Who knew? So much for my smarty pants habits. I recommend everyone get a blood check once a year and get a stool check as well. We need to know what is going on in our guts so we can absorb our nutrients well and nourish our bodies. The trick is to repair and restore so we can be healthy, productive race horses out there running around the track and carrying our riders safely without exhaustion.

We created these lives with great, sometimes weird, blueprints. Sometimes our success will come later in life and it shows in the chart. You want to be around to enjoy that success well into your 90’s and consider your wisdom years going out to 120. Sounds good. I’ll see you around the track!

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  1. As you get on the “track” so to speak you find out more about health. I had no idea that without electrolytes in your water one can walk around dehydrated regardless of drinking 1/2 of your body weight. Google may not have all the answers but there is no excuse for us not being more informed and feeding our soul from the inside out!

  2. Yolanda Mendiveles says:

    Gail, I love your article. It is right on!! I agree with each word and as a massage therapist I have experienced both my clients and myself not taking proper care of the body. I know I get caught up with work and running around and before I know it I haven’t eaten or taken a glass of water to drink. Now that I am getting older and body issues are showing up I am now taking better care of myself. I am preparing food here at home. I am exercising. I want to enjoy my body and my life as I continue to live. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

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