Consulting & Individual Sessions

In an era of realism, skepticism and caution, leaders and employees who best know how to plan, implement, and manage change are thriving.

Many organizations have leaders who seem almost prescient in their abilities.

  • They are continuously helping improve the organization as well as the bottom line.
  • They seem connected to the future.
  • They dutifully improve their skill set and gain more responsibility as they climb to the top.
  • How can they gain even greater advantage when time is of the essence?

Gail can help you and your organization gain advantages and benefits by helping to:

  • Release you from an entrenched viewpoint that no longer serves you or your organization
  • Get ideal payoff and speed up advancement
  • Provide you with unique perspectives that can help arm you when approaching the bargaining table
  • Work with your BEST timing
  • Analyze existing and potential employees to create effective management structures.
  • Realize your best locations, company names and dates of incorporation
  • Understand the current trends of society to prevent surprises
  • Look at long term trends so you can prepare

Minogue’s approach can also be instrumental in the hiring of new employees and refining the responsibilities of existing staff based upon their personal charts.

Timing is often critical, and a consultation can reveal a clearer picture of what needs to be done, how to do it and who needs to be involved.