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We’ve discovered that the earth isn’t flat; that we won’t fall off its edges, and our experience as a species has changed as a result.  Maybe we’ll soon find out that the self isn’t flat” either, and that death is as real and yet as deceptive as the horizon; that we don’t fall out of life either.”  Jane Roberts, “Seth Speaks

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1)   Events

2)   Summer speaks

3)   Question and Answer

4)   View from the Freeway

5)   Trends and Forecasts

6)   Ponder This


Workshop – Saturday, August 20th, 10 am – 1 pm

The Rise in Power of Women”–Discover How They Will Replace Male Leadership” Women are Rising in Power

The Feminine Power and Number 2

The Feminine Power and Number 2

and preparing for the upcoming “Power Years” 2024 through 2044. They will be replacing and creating Power positions that are currently filled by men. Preparation is NOW. Women all over the world are waking up and moving into visibility.
Join us for this thought provoking and useful program and learn how to benefit from these exciting preparatory years: Early registration ends August 13th More information:

Summer Speaks

We have moved into months July, August and September and we are in the thick of the heat in the Northern Hemisphere.  July represents the 7th month, the month of restoration, planning, thinking and reflection.  We continue to follow up with the work  we have done since January but we do it in a smarter way.  Yes, vacation is important, but continuing to work on your plans is essential.  During the remainder of July, I recommend more self-reflection and a dedicated look at your plans for yourself.  Why are you doing them?  Are they working?  Do you need to extricate yourself from some activities?  Where do you need to “fix”? August is your 8th month.  Still people are thinking vacation but they are returning home to prepare for school and the Fall season.  Never waste your 8th month.  Plan your business affairs accordingly.  During September, you need to look back on the year and finish up loose ends or get some things completed–even if it is still hot.  This is very important month as it is wrapping up the bulk of 2016.  We still have the Fall ahead but it is a results period for the work you did in the prior 9 months.  I encourage you to keep building your success even though it is tempting to goof off due to the heat, vacation and long sunny days.  Your harvest is later in the year from the crop you have already planted this year.  What have you done, what did you plant?

Question and Answer

What can I do to conquer unemployment and lack of funds? Answer:  Supply is related to giving.  We give something–labor, time, unselfish love or moral assistance–and the great law of compensation repays us with the Good we have earned.  If we desire more substance, we must be wiser persons and give more of ourselves to the world’s need.   To master unemployment, we should examine ourselves to see wherein in the past we have worked grudgingly.  …One should express all the appreciation for employment that one can.  It needs to be a genuine and maintained appreciation.  Resentment, false pride and envy can be melted by the right attitude of sincere and wholehearted self-giving.   Those who belittle positions they already possess cannot hope to raise themselves to better kinds of activity, for they are unfaithful to that which they now know.  We climb out of lowly chores, not by scorning them, but by blessing them with service so well done that wider opportunities open naturally.”  Flower Newhouse, “Here Are Your Answers”

View from the Freeway

Last night we had the truck massacre in France.  Last week we had the Dallas police shooting.  Prior to that we had questionable police shootings in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Prior to that we had Orlando shootings in the nightclub.  There are so many “prior to’s”.  We are exhausted and bombarded by negative news and unspeakable tragedies and it is not just domestic.  It has been happening around the world and we barely can process any of it.  The world feels like it needs the  intensive care unit.  Even though there is plenty of good news out there, we can’t see it and we are becoming more angry, fearful and ignorant.  Anger and fear  create poor judgment, emotional reactions, devastating behavior and downright nastiness and stupidity.

The next few months of the United States election period is a sharp contrast in two worlds and two consciousness colliding.  We are faced with an old view of the past 20th century and the patriarchal society with a Donald Trump, white male, aging, racist, uncouth, loud. ill-prepared, volatile, shoots from-the-hip, bereft of policy (building a wall with Mexico and have them pay for it), stuck in the past and unable to relate to the Aquarian Age and the new 21st century.  He has even decided on another white aging male to be his running mate.  This is not an indictment of white aging males but Mike Pence, the chosen VP candidate,  believes in creationism, not evolution, a tea-party evangelist who is extremely anti-abortion–to the point of injuring women’s health, anti-gay marriage and had tried both in the House and state governorship to destroy advancements for women and gays.  The fact that he was in dire possibility of not getting re-elected to his Indiana position as Governor (due to his great unpopularity there) makes him a political opportunist.  Perhaps he can become vice-president and keep a government job.  The choice of Mike Pence  will win over a certain section of the Republican base but will alienate the majority of Americans.  It will help defeat a Donald Trump presidency.  Remember, if Trump became president and then became ill or died in office, you would have a President Pence, evangelical, creationism believer, anti-abortion, women’s health and anti-gay.  Are you willing to have him run the country?  Remember, when we buy the bread, we get the whole loaf, not one piece.

Hillary Clinton represents the transition candidate of the new consciousness and the rising power of the female.  She can blend both her masculine and feminine energies which are necessary for this transitioning time.  Time is advancing towards an Aquarian Age of the blending of humanity–not separation.  Women have always been the ones who brought forth life to the planet.  Her time is now to step out from the shadows and to lead the world though cooperation, strength, preparedness and the wisdom of the grandmother.  She will be picked apart, scorned, accused, marginalized, riduculed, shamed, blamed and called the instigator.  Sort of like saying the person who was raped caused her own rape.  Women know this about the woman’s path.  There are those who do not want to see her get elected and are frightened by their own inadequacies.  They place their anger on her.   She takes on the collective anger of those who feel powerless in America, those who have no healthy outlet to vent their anger and their ugly fear of women.  It is very typical to blame a victim for causing their own crime.  Many women have a hard time accepting Hillary Clinton as President because they have not accepted their own power.  They still act out the oppressed female and can be extremely hard on themselves and to each other.  As the earth shifts to this powerful female energy, men have a very hard time with their own fears of inadequacy and marginalization.  This is the underlying current of the male anger that shows up at rallies and right-wing call-ins.

It is the ugly side of America, the racist, bigoted side, that has always been there.  We just put it under the rug, but

HIding from the facts or the truth.

HIding from the facts or the truth.

it has always been there.  It now is surfacing and the odor is bad.  We never wanted to truly face it but now we must.  Pluto in Capricorn and its long 16 year cycle will not allow us to escape its grip.  It must be exposed so we can heal.  The country now is not the country we formed 240 years ago.  That is why we are going through this revisit of the time of  the American Revolution.  It has to be done.  We will have to address the suppression of women, minorities and the inequity of monies and corruption by the system.  We have to address America’s dysfunction.

A good start is with Congress.  We have a corrupted system without checks and balances.  Nothing much will change until we change members and replace them with those who will create laws in the interest of the citizens and not the corporations and state.  Congressional members have stayed as long as 60 years, they have no time limits to office, they have access to insider trading, great lobbying jobs when they leave, land parcel payoffs, foreign campaign contributions (bribes), high-paying corporate jobs when they leave (lots of corporate donations to campaigns) and only they can change the laws.  Why would they vote for laws that were not in their self-interest?  Corporations have been given the status of “individual” and these “individuals” can inject untold amounts of monies into Congressional campaigns.  They also oversee the presidential appointments to office.

How about Congress being responsibile for the allocation of all monies in the US?  Why aren’t we paying more attention to making changes in the Congress?  We get all jazzed up about the presidency but it is the Congress that we need to really work on.  We are asleep at the swith in this area.  In the meantime, take action.  Not ranting on Facebook, sending nasty comments or screaming at rallies.  Get together and focus on what is needed to get bad members of Congress out of office.  In short, care!  We have a government we created.  Are you willing to do what it takes, to have what you say you want?  BTW, did you know that not quite 20% of Congress are women.  80% are men.  It’s time for turning!

Trends and Forecasts

Scientists say Neuron Repair is Possible (Futurism-June 14, 2016)–Researcher Zu-Hang Sheng and team genetically removed syntaphilin from damaged sciatic nerves that contained non-functinb mitochondria.  This allowed mitochondria to regain mobility and resulted in the regrowth of the other mitochondria that eventually restored the neurons’ ability to repair themselves.  Could be very important to combat Alzheimer. 

New trend–Deforestation Laws–Norwegian Parliament pledged to be deforestation-fre.  They are the first country in history to be deforestation-free. 

Cadillac Bets on Virtual Dealerships  Buyers walking to a Cadillac dealer in the near future could find an interesting thing on the car lot: nothing.  Read more  

Merkel wants Russia to Be Part of the European Economic Zone.  She has said that in the long term, The European Union should aim for a common economic zone with Moscow which would extend from Russia’s Pacific port Viadivostok to Lisbon. 

Chile gives away free electricity reflecting global struggle toward sustainability. 

Who’s Getting Richer?  Hardly Anyone

Ponder This:

I find the prospect of documented lives chilling, but some people will like the idea.  For one thing, a documented life can be a good defense.  If somone ever accused you of something, you could retort: Hey, buddy, I have a documented life….I can play back anything I’ve every said.  So don’t play games with me.”  Bill Gates from “The Road Ahead”.