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America Struggles with Its Purpose

First, I want to apologize to all of you who commented on my last post. Thank you to all who did. It is greatly appreciated. 2nd, unfortunately, due to my getting covid followed by another bout of bronchitis, umpteenth trips of my husband to the doctor; I failed to approve postings. They are all posted now and I am healthy. My husband has been moved to another facilitity with more services. I can step back from this ongoing and debilitating care involved with being a caretaker. I went to a gym for a short time yesterday after months of neglect. Just great to be back and start being normal again.

America continues its struggle assigned to it at birth by the position of the heavens and its destiny and lifepath by its sacred geometry. I have written about this before but it bears repeating. America has a lifepath of the number 5. This is the road it must travel (it can’t be changed unless you change its date of birth). The number 5 for a country or a person, always requires freedom and results in much change. It is for those it meets, an agent of change. Notice the big change agents from our past–Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln and Hitler. These were all born with the 5 life path and changed the face of their country and the world. No, none of the current candidates has a 5 life path. Let’s expect the 2028 candidates will have one in their midst. When the US is serious about change, it will bring in a 5 candidate. (The entire birth date reduces to the number 5).

America (itself a number 5 word–all letters reduce to the number 5 with A being the number one) has a job or purpose in its founding and that was and is the “agent of change”. It must learn assimilation of its people and as it progresses, it must export assimilation to the rest of the world. This is its purpose. It is easy to say but very tough to do. As you can see, we seem to be going backwards in assimilation as parts of our leadership tries to eliminate various rights. This backward movement is not surprising. People are threatened by change. Most people do not want to change but change is the main currency of creativity. It can be temporarily stymied but it must move forward. It is the source of all advancement on the planet and in the heavens. Imagine if we hadn’t changed from our kindergarten class. Here we would be 50 years old and still learning how to read. How about living your teenage years all through your life. You are still just getting your period at 80.

It is so with the USA (incidentally another 5 word for America–the letters reduce to the number 5). However, the downside of the number 5 is destructive change–versus constructive. You can easily see the destructive side being played out in limitations of freedoms, book bans, abortion punishment and limits on the female body, continual erosion of the separation of church and state and many others. A big downside is the loneliness you now see as an epidemic in the USA. In order to have individual freedom, you must respect the rights of the individual. America, therefore, became a country of “individuals”. Individualism is respected in many speeches, especially when related to the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”. The extended family became diluted over the generations and now we have many isolated seniors separated from their children and other extended family members. We have become a nation on the move. The covid epidemic took away the sense of community and it has not returned. As much as we like the convenience of Zoom, it has perpetuated the isolation of many. Now we work from home, more isolation, and the community formed at work has eroded. Yes, commutes are shorter but the need for a sense of community persists.

America will continue to struggle with the need for change, individual freedoms and the need for community. Places of worship are being sold off, bowling alleys are now down to only a few, in-person lectures and workshops are now on Zoom. Theaters struggle to fill the seats. In-home streaming has replaced trips to the movie theater. It is all progress but the price paid is subtle and damaging. We physically need others. We crave the energy of in-person meetings.

This is all in line with the beginning Age of Aquarius which is an air sign and prides itself on intelligence, detachment and high tech progress. Notice the rise of social media and its detached emotions. You can say just about anything you want to say to a screen and to people you do not know. We now buy and pay on our phones, ipads and restaurant tip screens. (that one is so annoying). We have become our own customer service as we punch this number or that number to get assistance. We do electronic chats with a bot to get help and eventually call their 800 number to wait an hour or so for help.

The transition to moving forward continues to remain challenging and several will feel left behind. I am sure those who were in the horse and buggy business at the beginning of the 20th century hung on for dear life until the automobile ran them over. It will be the same and those who resist forward constructive changes to the culture will be eating dust. Organized religion of the past is being forced to accommodate young adults who do not want the stifling rules of the past. Even the Pope has become more accommodating for those of same sex marriage, those who are divorced etc. In the older days, if you even married outside your faith, you would be excommunicated by the Catholic church. These are consistent and continual changes that go with progress. We will gradually move away from fear-based religions as they morph into their original teachings of “do onto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I am very positive for America’s forward push. She has a habit of creating extreme chaos in order to make necessary changes. So, about every 80 years, America finds herself in an extreme chaotic condition. The last crisis was World War II, the one before that, the Civil War. 80 years before that, the American Revolution. We have not had the extreme crisis but it is building. We need to make some important changes in our institutions and our culture. During the 2020’s, I would anticipate it. It is not bad, it is a pattern of our nature. We still crave freedom and that will win out. If we did have an authoritarian leader, we would rebel all over again.

The powers that be run the heavens and all its inhabitants (that means us) and we have been given a purpose/task that we are responsible for fulfilling. We have some crazy people who would rather be powerful and perform than serve and be accountable. It will take time to change this ship in the right direction again but it will be done.

7 responses to “America Struggles with Its Purpose”

  1. Robert R Schantz says:

    Great words of wisdom as always Gail. We all appreciate your insight and enlightenment. Is the World Year of 7 causing people/nations to ask as 7’s do…”Who am I? What is my purpose?” These are definitely interesting times.

  2. Gail Minogue says:

    She actively campaigns but is not a viable candidate. Marianne has run in various campaigns in the past but is considered more of an “also ran”. She has a niche following of her supporters. It might get some more interviews and book signings. It keeps her name out in the public and that is good for promotion. Bernie Sanders is also a 5 life path but is not a viable candidate in this race. Also, Kamala Harris is a 5 life path. She is not running either.

  3. As Pluto ends its transit through Capricorn since 2008 and enters Aquarius for the next 20 years, I would love to hear your take on AI and it’s contribution to a possible “trans human” in the future.

  4. Suzanne Sobel Benson says:

    Marianne Williamson’s DOB is July 8, 1952 which is a 5 if I did the math correctly. She is running for President as a Democrat and is on the primary ballot is some states. The DNC fails to recognize her, but she is actively campaigning.

  5. Jennifer LaFleur says:

    It’s kind of wild how many candidates are 3’s & 4’s!
    I’m curious what are your thoughts on the Democrat Marianne Williamson. She seems to be the only 5 on the entire list. The Chaldean numerology seems she’s too good to be true?

  6. Thank u Gail. Both comforting yet daunting.
    Is Mars ready for guests?
    So sorry to keep hearing about your ongoing saga with ur husbands care.

  7. Sherry Dixon says:

    Good to hear you are healthy, your husband is settled and you are on a path for a new normal life. Thank you for this article. The topic is difficult but necessary.

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