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Your Personal Year in 2024

YOUR PERSONAL YEAR—by Gail Minogue from Gail’s book “Divine Design—How You Created the Life You are Living”

Each of us has not only Pinnacles in our lives but we also have our Personal Year.  This Year is your individual energy for the year.  Remember I spoke earlier about timing.  We should know our own timing so that we can begin projects or end projects at the right time.  One of the biggest losses on the Earth plane is a lack of awareness of our own Personal Year.  It very important to understand and work with your personal timeframe.  This Personal Year is found by simply adding the month of your birth to the date of your birth to the Universal Year.  What is the Universal Year?  This is the year you are living in today.  For example 2001 is a 3 Universal Year.  2002 is a 4 Universal Year.  2003 is a 5 Universal year.  We derive the Universal Year by adding the year together.  2+0+0+1=3, 2+0+0+2=4, 2+0+0+3=5.

If your birthday is February 10th, you would add 2 (February is the 2nd month) to 10 (the day) to 8 (the Universal Year for 2024).  Your Personal Year would be 11/2.  2+1+0+8=11/2.

                                    Create example of math computing personal year

It is important to remember that a Personal Year begins January 1st of each year.  It does not start on your birthday.  However, you will be experiencing stronger qualities of the year the closer you get to your actual birthday.  Keep in mind that the first two months of each year, January and February, are always involved with the energy of the old year.  You really don’t get things moving forward until March or April.  You will also see more of the energy consolidating as you get into the fall and end of a year. 

Personal Year 1

This is your seed-planting year.  The year to begin new projects, new jobs, new house and in general a fresh start.  It is year of new beginnings.  If there is anything you need to clean up from the year before, try to do it early in the year.  You want to use most of the energy from this year to start new endeavors.  Seed wisely this year as the garden will last a long time. Much of what you harvest 8 years from now will be the result of what you planted during this year.  It is extremely important.  Don’t be lazy about your life.   Be aware of new people you meet—even though they may seem to be just a passing interlude.  You are preparing your garden.  Don’t wait for somebody to do it with you.  It is a year to take risk, be courageous and take care of what you need to do.  Take the initiative.  Do not expect the plans to be completed in this year.  You are just getting started.    It is not a particularly good year for partnerships.  You need to do many things on your own and devote time and energy to getting your plans started.  You will have plenty of time next year for relationships.

Personal Year 2

This is the year for patience, diplomacy, partnerships and teamwork.  Patience is essential.  All the plans you started last year are now growing roots.  You need to tend the garden.  So much of what you started needs work and refinement.  This can be a year of delays as you must work with others and wait on them for many of your decisions.  If you try to force your own way this year, it will not work.  You will find yourself frustrated and may lose some friendships and/or relationships because you pushed too hard.  There may be a natural end of some of your relationships in July of this year.  You will feel more sensitive this year and will not want to be alone as you were last year.  It is an excellent year for relationships particularly an important love relationship.  In August you will begin to solidify your efforts and by fall much of what gave you frustration will be resolved.  I urge you to keep your plans to yourself this year.  You have certain hopes, wishes and dreams but they need time to root themselves.  If you divulge your plans to others, you risk the chance of them being blown away or delayed.  Keep your secrets.

Personal Year 3

This is a year of expansion and creativity.  A very good year to expand your efforts and promote the plans you made in your #1 year.  It is a highly creative year so I encourage you to choose an area of expression that you love and focus on it this year.  Really make the effort to use your imagination.  Concentrate on the ideas and inspirations that you planted in your #1 year.  It is a wonderful year to make new friends and improve your appearance.  Change your hairstyle, change your clothes and do everything you can to present yourself as being attractive.  Your networking will pay off.  Make contacts and socialize.  This can be a good financial year if you do your work. Do not drift along.  The wind is at your back and if you concentrate on your creative project you will do well.  Consider travel this year.

Personal Year 4

This is the year you roll up your sleeves and work.  The plans you made in the last few years have been expanding.  Now they need structure so they will have concrete form.  This is year to be very practical and industrious.  It is not a year to take long vacations.  You have work to do and it will be the focus of this year.  It is also not a year to change jobs or move.  Wait until next year if you can.  If you change jobs, be very cautious.  Make sure the job is what it appears to be.  It is not a year to be unemployed.   I consider this to be a contracted year rather than an expansive year.  If you make a move this year, the wind is in your face.  It is better if you make all the changes next year.  You are actually laying the foundation for future years.  This can be a very rewarding year but only if you have put in the effort.  Your finances may seem slow in materializing.  You may have more expenses than you expected.  During this year, keep your overhead low and postpone unnecessary purchases until next year when your finances will improve.  Pace yourself as you may find yourself working very hard this year.  You need this year to make sure your plans can be implemented.

Personal Year 5

Okay, this is the year to make the changes you have been waiting for.  Five can be a pretty nerve-wracking year as there is so much change going on.  Just when you think you are going north, you are going south.  The change continues until about October when things begin to solidify.  It is very important to take the opportunity this year to promote and market yourself.  It is not a year to stay stuck.  Make the changes in your career, change your location, change your thinking and embrace change in general.   Pay attention to clues on your path.  Someone may say something or give you needed information about an opportunity in your life.  This is the time to make decisions without knowing all the facts.  It will take courage but there are many opportunities this year.  Be careful how you make change this year.  You do not want to leave chaos behind.  Evaluate your situation.  Look at the situation you have gotten yourself into and make the appropriate changes to balance your life.

This year can also be a “sexy” year.  If you are single, it is a year to date and socialize.  Be careful you do not overindulge in the physical plane.  Five rules the five senses.  Watch out for too much drinking, food, sex, drugs and rock and roll.  Be very wise.  It is a great year to travel so get out there and enjoy yourself.  Above all don’t be overly cautious.  You are shedding the heavy coat of the restrictions from the last four years.

Personal Year 6

This is the year of family and domestic responsibility.  You will be needed a great deal by others and may find yourself many times feeling burdened by the responsibility.  Not to worry.  This is a golden opportunity for you to be of service to others and to assist where you can.  You will feed loved and needed this year.  There is also a “luck” factor regarding this number so you may find good opportunities in your business and financial areas.  The year is very busy.  You will have to pace yourself so that you don’t get exhausted from your responsibilities.   An interesting characteristic about this year is that it can bring a change in your eating habits.  There is usually a change to a healthier eating pattern.  You will be doing things that improve your health.

Another improvement is an improvement in your home.  During a six year you might fix up your existing home, add an addition or even more to a better home.  It’s a very loving year, you will feel more appreciated, needed and might even find yourself getting married. Because the number six is the number of marriage and family, there are many adjustments made in those areas during this year.  It could be a marriage (or a divorce), the birth of a child or the releasing of a child that goes off to college.  All involved with love, family, commitment and the home.

Personal Year 7

After all the responsibility of the six year, all the changes of the five year, the work of the four year, the new creations of the three year, the planning and patience of the second year and the planting and innovation of the one year, you have earned a rest.  Here it is.  This year is intended to be a sabbatical year, a year of rest, recovery, reflection and planning.  It is not a year to be very active in the outer year.  It is a year in which you will develop your higher mind and your higher self.  You may feel very tired this year.  Don’t worry that feeling is needed so that you will slow down and take it easy.  You have been charging forward for six years.  Everything is to rest in this important seven cycle.  Nature rests every seven years.  We as a population are to rest on the seventh day.  Keep this in mind.  You will not have this opportunity to rest for a long time. 

You also need this year to plan your future activities.  If you are rushing around in your old pattern of work and activities, you will not have time to think things through.  Take this time out to do that.  Cut back your work hours, spend time in nature, take some classes of higher learning, improve your skills, study Spiritual teachings, develop the higher mind and pay attention to the “self”.  I once told a woman that she should take it easy in her 7 year and postpone her move if possible to the next year which was only three months away.  She was insistent on moving.  During the move, she broke her ankle and went through “enforced rest” for several months. 

This is a year to be selfish.  Your future actions will be based on well-thought plans.  If you don’t take the time to do this, you could possibly make many mistakes in your decisions in the years to come.  You will come to a head in your decisions so this year may feel like a door is closing.  It is.  You will not, however, end this cycle of time until two years from now.  Once you complete a seven year, the eight and nine years will be used to complete the cycle.  This is not a beginning year.  You are actually winding this cycle down.

Personal Year 8

This is your harvest year.  If you have planned well in your seven year, you know what you need to do. Remember the seeds you planted in your one year?  These were the risks you took, the new job you started and the new business you created.  Now is the time to reap what you have sowed.  It is a great year to go after what you want.  Do not be shy.  Knock on doors you would have previously been reluctant to open.  This is the time when all you have done pays off.  That is why it is so important to plant wisely in a one year.  Last year in your seven year, you were mainly concerned with the self and probably didn’t experience very much on the material plan.  That all can change this year.  This is the year that you can get that big contract, the job promotion and other material successes.  As dry and lonely as the seven year might have been, this year is the opposite.  You can be ambitious, forceful and more confident.  It’s the year to bring home the rewards.   Be focused and pursue your goals.  If you spent time in your seven year on your plans, then you know what to do. 

If you have not put the effort in over the last seven years, this can be a year of meager return.  All results are in direct proportion to the effort you have put in during the last seven years.  You could have large expenses connected to making money this year so be very efficient with your resources.  Remember resources are not just money.  They are time, energy and money.

Personal Year 9

This is your year of completion, endings and letting go.  You are finishing up a nine-year cycle.  It is a year to discard the old to make way for the new next year.  During this year you may feel that you need to get rid of old clothing and clean out the cobwebs of your life.  There is a general trend throughout the year of finishing up unfinished business.  You may have debts still to be paid.  Take care of them this year.  You may be contemplating the end of a relationship or a job.  This is the year when chronic illnesses may also end.  Do not cling to things that want to leave your life.  This is where the year can be very painful.  It is a letting-go year and when something or someone wants to leave your life, you should let them go.  If a relationship was a strain or a job unfulfilling, do you really want to carry them forward in your life?   In order to make room for the new that is coming next year, you must clean out to create a fresh space. 

In addition to completing things in this year, it is a year of charitable service.  Spend part of this year in compassionate work for humanity.  You get to choose which area to serve but try to fit it in.  This is not work you get paid for.  It is giving of yourself freely without worrying about what is in it for you.  Another area of interest this year is in the arts.  Your creativity is very high this year.  You may find yourself doing sculpturing or photography.  Enjoy this aspect of the year.  Be courageous.  Letting go can be painful but remember you have a brand new exciting year coming.  By October and November you will be anxious to have it begin.  Make good use of this year, mourn your losses if you need to and then remember the new dawn that is just ahead.

6 responses to “Your Personal Year in 2024”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Do you mean January 1, 1928? or January 28th?

  2. Su says:

    I am trying to figure my year – 1 January 28 .

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    You are in an 11/2 personal year in 2024.

  4. Sarah Gibbs says:

    I struggled with my personal year date of birth 28/02/67

  5. Catherine Murphy says:

    Thank you Gail looking forward to my 9th year.

  6. JRita says:

    This is spot on for me. I am on Personal Year 7.Truly a sabbatical year, a year of rest, recovery, reflection and planning. This is new territory for be being on the go constantly. I welcome my 7 year. Thank you Gail.

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