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The Wisdom of Wallace Wattles

In light of our current world situation and the various wars taking place around the globe, I thought I would check back in to see what Wallace Wattles, the American philosopher, might say with regards to the current conditions. Wallace lived at the early part of the 20th century and was a farmer in upstate New York. His English uses the words of that era.

“The people make society what it is, and as the people rise above the bestial thought, society will rise above the beastly in its manifestations. You can work to complete an unfinished society, instead of to renovate a decaying one; and you can work with a better heart and a more hopeful spirit. It will make an immense difference with your faith and spirit whether you look upon civilization as a good thing that is becoming better or as a bad and evil thing that is decaying. One viewpoint gives you an advancing and expanding mind and the other gives you a descending and decreasing mind.

One viewpoint will make you grow greater and the other will inevitably cause you to grow smaller. One will enable you to work for the eternal things; to do large works in a great way toward the completing of all that is incomplete and inharmonious; and the other will make you a mere patchwork reformer, working almost without hope to save a few lost souls from what you will grow to consider a lost and doomed world.


You must learn to see the world as being produced by evolution, as something that is evolving and becoming–not as a finished product. It is true of the world today, physically, socially and economically, it is all good, and it is all perfect. It is not complete anywhere or in part, but so far as the handiwork of God has gone, it is perfect. When the majority desires a world without disord, they will create such a world.”

2 responses to “The Wisdom of Wallace Wattles”

  1. Barbara Lauger says:

    What an amazing, thoughtful post! Comforting, too. “… so far as the handiwork of God has gone, it is perfect. When the majority desire a world without discord, they will create such a world.”

  2. William T Dawson says:

    When women decide to choose Wisdom over Stupidity the world will change and evolve.

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