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Let’s Remember to Laugh and Dance to Love - Aug 21, 2021

What a crazy funny week this has been. I have to laugh at the nuttiness of it all. Just when you think the world can’t get worse in the news or social media or any media, you remember a few basic tenets of our current life. This all will pass away. All of us will someday too. So, it behooves us to think on the things that are beautiful, wonderful and kind. The news will just always be negative because that is what sells and people like to be scared or angry or right. The news is plastered with the ending of this phase of Afghanistan’s evolution. It is plastered with covid counts. Gosh, I can’t read them any more.

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The Day of Reckoning Has Arrived - Aug 11, 2021

We humans love certainty, safety, dependability and trust. We have relied on our jobs, marriages, good health, our investments, our pensions and even our pets. We think we can control our lives by routines and good habits. We never think about pandemics, food deprivations (in the developed countries) and other devastating acts of God and nature. We depend upon this earth world for everything. We look for our perfect mate, our doctors to take care of us, if we can afford it, our jobs, our vacations, our happiness and leaders who will make wise decisions for us.

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The Price to be Paid for the Rise in Individualism - Jul 22, 2021

“As a species, if we do not stop ignoring what Mother Earth is telling us about our
practices, she’s gonna do it for us.  And it’s not going to be humans winning.”  Jess Due, national care director of Farm Sanctuary.  We have become a ruling class that has created another world living against its environment, not with it.

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In a World of Noise, Discipline is your Greatest Asset - Jun 8, 2021

It was Lincoln who said “America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

What can we do to not destroy ourselves through these challenging times?  

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Have We Got Your Attention? - May 3, 2021

Well, right on cue, the world was turned upside down again and look at all the stuff that fell out.  We are still in that transit I spoke of back in 2008.  It isn’t over until it’s over and that won’t’ be until 2024.  It is not much longer but it is a few years.  So, do not hold your breath. 

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Learners Will Inherit the Earth - Dec 27, 2020

I loved Eric Hoffer’s writings when I was a young adult and they have become even more powerful as an old adult.  Which have you become, the learner or the knower?  As I have said before, the art of  staying young is based on your ability to lower your resistance to starting over.  It is also wise to never retire.  Change careers but never retire.  It feels as if we are all being thrown into the starting-over

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Blueprint of Amy Vivian Coney (Barrett) - Sep 27, 2020

In looking at this name and date of birth, January 28, 1972, we have an Aquarian woman with a number 3 life path.  The life path is the road a person takes to get to their destiny–represented by their entire registered birth name.  So Amy, with a number 3 life path, is moving towards the number 7, her destiny number.  Hidden inside of her name is her personality type, the motivational factors that drive her and the destiny she said she would attempt to reach while living this incarnation.  Her name also points out her karmic corrections, challenges and deeper issues that will color her life.  In Amy’s name, she is challenged by the numbers 2 and 8, the missing numbers in her name. 

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Every Day is Wednesday - Aug 2, 2020

I remember many years ago when my former husband was a fighter pilot in Viet Nam, he would say that every day is Wednesday.  They bombed every day.  It didn’t matter if it was Saturday or Sunday; every day was Wednesday.  The comment reminds me of my life today.  This Wednesday routine won’t always be the case but it is now in the present and, in reality, that is all I can work in.  Saturday and Sunday’s are more of the same as Wednesday.  Working from home, self-employed, I can go walk on any day, go to the pharmacy any day, take out food any day, shop at Trader Joe’s any day etc.  The only must do week days are doctor appointments.  Here is Los Angeles, there are no cultural, sporting events, dining

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Stumbling Forward is Still Moving Forward - Jul 12, 2020

Sometimes it feels as if we take two steps forward and three back.  However, we still keep moving forward and that’s a good thing.  Even though right now it is just a a series of bumbling and jerking, we move the ball a bit further and further.  In spite of ourselves, we are progressing.  It’s easy to be discouraged, frightened (petrified) and exhausted.  So many changes are taking place and everything appears uncertain.  Where, why and what has happened?  This is what big changes look like.  The rug is yanked out from beneath and we have to attempt to save ourselves and regain our balance.  My motto is “don’t borrow trouble”.  Do not go around the block to meet it.

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America Faces Her Shadow - Jun 9, 2020

It all seemed to come so gradually until it didn’t.  We started out rebuilding the economy after the dot com boom and bust of 2000.  We inflated everything with a grand Pluto in Sagittarius.  We built big houses, had no doc home loans, increased our physical sizes until a third of us became obese and even built mega churches with “pastorpreneurs”.  Then came the bill for it all.  Around 2007 and 2008 Pluto circled the sign of Capricorn, father time, the grim reaper, Chronos.  Pluto began the visit in the death and transformation sign of Capricorn.  Things began to shrink instead of expand.  Everything got

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