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What’s Love Got to Do with It–Tina Turner

Oh, I just felt such a loss in losing Tina Turner this week. This giant talent and success story was so big and so filled with high energy. Who would have thought that at the end, the cascade of harsh physical ailments would take her out? She was such an immense ball of energy. On stage she could move on hugh high heels and belt out great songs with hair moving all over the place. Her songs didn’t let you sit still. Even cutting carrots got me moving and slicing when I heard her music. I just loved her performance as did millions of others. Proud Marry, What’s Love Got to do with it, Better be good to me, Your’re Simply the Best (better than all the rest). Oh my, just wonderful.

What was her blueprint? She was so fascinating, I decided to take a look and see what she had planned for her time here. Sure enough it was spot on for her experiences.

She was born Anna Mae Bullock. It was her husband, Ike Turner, who gave her the name Tina. The only thing she was able to keep from the tumultuous divorce was her name. She was born in Tennessee and the name Mae is a common middle name for girls in the south. Her birthday was November 26, 1939. Her life path from adding and reducing her date of birth is a 5. How fitting. 5’s come into a lifetime to learn all about change, freedom and create 4 or 5 lives in one life. It is usually an indication of a very repressed past life. They are agents of change for others and they change the atmosphere around them. They get bored or stuck if they do not have the freedom to make constructive changes. Sometimes, just as Tina left Ike after so many domestic abuses, it was done suddenly, dangerously with only $.36 in her pocket. If 5’s get too stuck in a negative situation, they can deteriorate where their health and life are put at risk.

5’s are considered late bloomers and their greater successes can come later in life. True to form, Tina made her comeback in her 40’s. All that physical energy on stage was of someone approaching middle age. Remarkable but great. She did what a 5 does, it keeps moving. In order to be an agent of change, movement is essential. 5’s also physically change their addresses quite a bit as they move in life.

Her name is missing the numbers 7, 8 and 9. These were karmic corrections for her. Her personality from her consonants was the number 9. The is the number of humanity, By having it as her personality, she was concerned about the suffering of others. They are in great number as performers as they all have a certain charisma that you cannot buy. They walk in a room and before they arrive you feel their presence. Many people are jealous of the 9 personality. Most of them have an aristocractic persona and always dress well. This was an enormous asset as a star talent.

Her Soul number was the number 8, the boss. She was very ambitious down deep and it is not surprising that it took her time but that she would get there as “the one in charge”. The sum total of her name was also an 8. Her actual destiny was to use the road of change and freedom to be in charge of her own business, money and management.

Notice, these 2 numbers 8 and 9 were 2 of the missing 3 numbers. It was a very well designed chart. Her missing 7 indicated she had to learn faith over fear and develop her spiritual side. Also, she was born on another 8 day, the 26th. You could almost feel her power. Her music, her persona and her power just rocked the world. It was by design. “The number 26 is a karmic number. It designates a life in which you learn about the world around you through exprience. Stressful situations eventually develop your self-confidence, at which time positive action brings prosperity and fulfillment. You have enthusiasm, courage and a desire for power. The power will come when you have learned wisdom and developed strength through self-control.Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker.

Her life had so many hardships from early childhood to a brutal marriage to menial jobs to keep body and soul together to, at the end, losing one son in 2018 to suicide and 2022 another son to cancer. Very number 9 type of experiences. The number nine is the finishing number as it sits in her personality, all of her life she had to continually let go.

She was born a Sagittarian which is perfect for the travel and freedom needed by the “5” Her past life wound was “not being heard”, This started in childhood and she had to fight to be heard. The best place for her to be heard was on stage and getting paid for it. She shouted it out. It all fit together.

In the end it was uncontrolled blood pressure that brought her down. Both her Mother and sister had it and although she tried medication, it affected her singing voice. Whether she controlled it is in doubt. The high blood pressure brought on kidney disease and later failure. She had to get a transplant and was also diagnosed with colon cancer. That is almost too much to bear. The last setback was losing her own son to colon cancer in 2022. I know I would have packed it in at this point and she did. Her loving husband even gave her his kidney. Such a tragic ending but she remains our heart stone of courage, boldness, faith and love. Her music moved others and will for years to come.

She was “simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone I’ve ever met” (Tina)

8 responses to “What’s Love Got to Do with It–Tina Turner”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Let’s keep seeing your daughter in her true healthy body. My son died of stage 4 kidney cancer. It is an ordeal helping them through the entire process. I learned so much that I never wanted to learn. Keep speaking to your daughter’s true healthy form and continue to tell her how much you love her and how much she has done for you and for others. Always remind her of how grateful you are that she came into your life. Even in an unconscious state, they hear everything you tell them. Keep blessing her into her highest and best good and her healthy body.

  2. Apollo Moonfire says:

    Thank you for this tribute and explanation. Very much appreciated, and educational to me as a student of numerology.

  3. Antoinette says:

    This was a wonderful read, thank you.

  4. Cheryl Cuttineau says:

    Carol Anne Dryer was the psychic who told Tina Turner her life would completely change and her success was assured.
    RIP, Tiny Dancer!

  5. Sharon Warren says:

    Thank you,Gail. It was fascinating and enlightening to read your excellent overview.

  6. Thank you, Gail, for this lovely tribute to Tina Turner. I’ve felt the loss keenly as well–maybe because I’m a 5! I didn’t know about her losing both her sons–tragic. Hoping not to lose my daughter, who has advanced cancer. I feel her.

  7. Gail Minogue says:

    Please consider getting a copy of my book Divine Design–How You Created the Life You Are Living. It will explain in greater detail all the numbers. Remember, you have a destiny number which is equally important to your Life Path.

  8. chris bacos says:

    I am a life path 7. What would that mean?

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