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We keep talking and acting like planet earth and all things on it are complete, dire and just hopeless. Greed, tribalism, inequality, hyperinflation, and other acts of humans stoke fear that we are coming to the end of the road. There are lots of doomsayers out there and they predict catastrophic consequences for the error of our ways.

But, wait a minute, are we the same group that originated from the sea, learned to move on land, swung from trees, learned to walk upright, lived in caves, (along with tigers and lions), discovered fire and the wheel and created pictures on cave walls, learned to hunt, moved out of caves into primative shelters, learned weaving, sailing, exploring, warfare, trading, invented the printing press, gunpowder, musical instruments, created governments of all types, changed trading stones into paper monies, created empires, anesthesia, penicillin, submarines, smart phones, AI and more. All through these various stages of human evolvement, we kept evolving. We have gone through wars, various empires, various garment changes, and more. Still we keep evolving. Nothing here is complete. It is always evolving and creating.

I was reading today in the Wall St. Journal about new scientific discoveries elevating the minds and skills of Neanderthals. A growing body of research shows our extinct relatives were similar to us in many ways. They used fire to cook, they built structures and made jewelry. Homo sapiens and Neanderthals evolved largely separately in Africa and Eurasia over hundreds of thousands of years. Neanderthals thrived across Europe and western Asia between 400,000 and 40,000 years ago. However, within 20,000 years of the two species crossing paths in Europe and western Asia about 60,000 years ago Neanderthals had completely disappeared from the fossil record. They are finding, though, that about 2% of the DNA in the genomes of people of European and Asian descent is inherited from these cousins of ours–the result of ancient breeding between the two species. Basically they kept evolving. Just like everything else. Thousands of years from now, people will not be talking about Teslas, eviction notices, cruises or Medicare. They probably will be studying us as fairly backward group who was at the beginning to learn about space, AI but still traveled using oil products in primative vehicles. We could be known as the petroleum people whose lives were run on petroleum and the products oil makes.

We still have to learn how this universe works. How do we get to travel at the speed of light so we can travel the galaxies? How can we simply replace body parts, use sound vibrations correctly? We have graduated from hunters and gatherers of 20,000 years ago yet we still can’t naviagate by the stars. Instead, we focus on taxes, income, social media, loudness and self-absorption. At least the Neanderthals might do a large hunt and share the meat with their community. They even hunted and butchered Ice Age elephants. One 11 ton elephant could feed 25 people for three months, or 100 people for a month or 350 people for a week. Scientists suggest that they were not just primarily nomadic hunter-gatherers sticking with small groups but had large gatherings to share the bounty.

I think it is worth pondering that the world, including us, is being produced by evolution and is always evolving and becoming. It is not a finished product. See the governments and businesses as perfect for the level we are at now but as rapidly advancing. In order to do that we must work to raise the human race to a higher viewpoint. It must come from the citizens themselves. People make the society. When the people rise with a higher viewpoint, society will rise. When the majority of the world desires this higher viewpoint, the world will change. We are working to complete an unfinished society instead of renovating a decaying one. We must look at the world as not so much a decaying thing but as something perfect that is going on to a more beautiful completeness. We are perfect in our stage of being, we are just not complete. Think of the lily bulb. It is pretty ugly but yet, from it will come a beautiful flower. The root bulb is perfect for what it is and what is will become.

We, too, through the life cycle, come in and go out. Perhaps we will visit other planes of consciousness. Perhaps we will return at a future time but we will continue to evolve. We have learned much, both good and bad, during our lifetimes and yet we continue to learn. When we speak of hundreds of thousands of years, or just 20,000 years, we can barely grasp the changes. Just remember you were part of the cosmic goop, journeyed through ions of visits here and still you have returned to help evolve yourself and others. Remember it really is a journey and do not get too caught up in worrying about the future as well as other things you cannot control. I read in today’s LA Times of an auto accident this past weekend on Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu. Its seems a 21 year old intoxicated driver hit two parked cars over the bluff of the beach. It pushed both cars off the bluff onto the beach killing a 32 year old woman, severly injuring a 17 year old and another 32 year old who were relaxing on the beach. What are the odds???

Just keep it all in perspective. We are all just passing by.


  1. Kayce St James says:

    Yes you are right it is time to look upward and forward and not get caught up in all the fear that is being generated. The work that is being done in Space with the stars and more is really mind blowing and the excitement about what is yet to come validates your article.
    Bravo to you to get our minds turned around and away from fear.

  2. JP says:

    Excellent post! You are so right it is up to “We the People” to take charge and demand that our society and government be fully transparent and accountable as we progress. As Edgar Cayce often said to “try” was more important than to actually achieve given that this human sojourn is but a chance to learn and improve oneself to our highest ideal.

  3. Mary says:

    Thank you for your calm voice, Gail. I love “The root bulb is perfect for what it is and what is will become.”

  4. Anna says:

    Thank you Gail for this encouraging message. Much needed in this turbulent time.

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