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“Every major accomplishment is the result of a well-planned course of action.  Such a plan puts order into the mind and the mind is unhampered by irrelevant thinking.”  Raymond Charles Barker, The Power of Decision.

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January, 2016–the 1st month of the year

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January, the first month of 2016–a No. 9 Universal Year

Well here we are again.  Another New Year and another opportunity to improve our lives.  Actually, if we were indigenous people, we wouldn’t even know it was a New Year.  Since the world is operating under the Gregorian calendar, we function now as a new beginning.  The beginning of the return of the light in the Northern Hemisphere.  Plus, the start of Mercury’s retrograde journey.

Don’t expect January to be your WOW month.  It will be a sluggish time so relax about how much you get done.  Do set up the plans and follow through but don’t get frustrated when it doesn’t get done in your neat time frame.  We are hung over from 2015 and we need to shake off the trauma of Thanksgiving through the New Year.  Sleep more, indulge a little and plan and plot.  Get in the habit of creating order in your life, now.  When the end of the month comes, you can move forward with prepared effort.  As always, delay big purchases now–especially electronic, mechanical etc.  Check those messages.

We are already under the effects of Mercury Retrograde.  Example:  I had received a nice payment check and put it back in the envelope to be bank deposited.  Someone, thinking it should go out in the mail, picked it up with other outgoing mail and mailed it.  The envelope was open so I now wait to see if it returns to me, the sender or dies.  Do I call the company and ask them to stop payment???  Such a Mercury Retrograde event.  Very embarrassing and frustrating.

We are in a Universal # 9 year.  Endings, completion, sacrifice, humanity, the human condition are all words attached to the number 9.  No matter what personal year you are in, this energy is working on you.  Begin now to finish up loose ends of your life.  Finish projects, relationships, bad habits, places, debts etc.  In general we need to look at what works and what doesn’t.  The energy of the world wants clean up.  It also wants an international focus.  We all will find that we cannot ignore what is going in other parts of the world and what affect that series of events will have on you personally.  Sacrifice is very much a part of the 9.  We sacrifice something of ourselves or our ego during this period.  We give more, we forgive more, we let go more.  We are wise.  Act with a thought-out plan.  Avoid reactions!  Give more love and thicken your skin.  Let some things go out of your life and release and release.  Things that have outworn their useful need to leave.  Above all else, the humanitarian focus is in view.  Selfishness, greed, jealousy will bring much stronger reactions than usual.  This can be a very karmic type of reaping what has been sowed.  Whether we like it or not, the whole world will have to give up some of its old ways of behaving.

Question and Answer:

Are we born under the same sign of the zodiac each time we reincarnate?


“We are born under all of the signs as we evolve.  We pass through the signs of the zodiac several times before we are finished with this planetary existence”


Why are we not able to remember our past lives so that we can better understand the problems we meet?


“In the majority of cases, remembrance would generate fear, uncertainty, inferiority, and retained prejudices.  It is better to be free of the encumbrance of details, with only the fundamental issues returned to us in the impersonal forms of spiritual challenges and tests.”

Flower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers, vol. 1 Christward Publications

View from the Freeway

Gosh, what a year behind and ahead.  If you remember Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland, you might feel you are still on the ride.  2016 will be filled with lots of dips and curves and an election to boot.  It’s just another sunny day here in California praying for rain and complaining when it shows up.

We wanted improvement in our society and in our lives.  This is what change looks like. It is messy, scary, exhausting and ridiculous.  We have created crazy conditions and candidates.  But, never forget what is in the process of creation.  The entire country is moving out of the old Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age.  The direction is progressive or what some call “left-leaning”.  We are moving towards a more secular society with a rise in female power, marriage equality, work place equality, changes in the legal system, the educational system as well as the political system.

Who was prepared for Donald Trump?  The side show of candidates is pure theater.  They have trotted themselves out there quite ill prepared to deal with  global conditions.  We must be scaring other countries when they see the candidates.  For us it is mostly farce and a horse race.  Donald Trump came in and upset the Republican apple  cart.  He has served his purpose to throw in the hand grenade and walk away.  Somebody had to show that the emperor has no clothes.

Remember that the USA is the catalyst of world change with its mission/assignment to assimilate at home and spread that ability to the world.  From the looks of it, the world is having a very rough time learning the lesson of assimilation.  The lesson isn’t going away.  Eventually, it will get it–or learn it faster.  We will keep progressing, moving towards the left but that doesn’t mean the US goes “union” or into socialism.  It will remain a capitalist country with progressive thought.  Old systems are just that, old.  They need revitalization from their breakdowns.  We are in the breakdown and rebuilding phase right now.  Do not think that we aren’t moving forward, we are.  Mr. Toad’s Ride always had a destination and so do we.  We can’t go backwards.

Trends and Forecasts

(Remember, 2016 forecasts workshop February 6th, see Events)

Immigration reform.  This is lots of noise and headlines.  It appears to be a political hot button–especially by conservatives.  Underlying this condition is the fact that immigrants, both legal and illegal are more interested in jobs and wages.  In the last two general elections, with immigration reform on the line, less than half of eligible Latino voters voted.  Another interesting fact is that eligible immigrants from Mexico adopt US citizenship at about half the rate of immigrants from all other countries.  NY Times, “What happened to Latino Power?” by Roberto Suro

Young children are gaining fewer skills–not more.  Preschoolers are learning more “pre-academic” skills at earlier ages.  They have become increasingly stressful places where teachers persuade their little ones to finish their work before they can play.  Those children who entered Kindergarten showed more “school readiness” but by the time these children reached 2nd grade, they performed worse on tests.  New research showed that “overreliance on direct instruction and repetitive, poorly structured pedagogy were likely culprits.  Children who had been subject to the same insipid tasks year after year after year were understandably losing their enthusiasm for learning.”  “How the New Preschool is Crushing Kids” by Erika Christakis, The Atlantic, January/February 2016

Donald Trump has some excellent astrological aspects for his nomination.  He appeals to groups within both the democratic and republican parties.  The Republican Party is mystified that he has lasted this long.  His appeal is to the angry frustrated and mainly white middle and lower class.  Do they vote?  Follow the trail for who actually comes out and votes.  Keep in mind that “the Donald” is a “shapeshifter” and remember he used to be a democrat.  Grenade throwers usually escape getting wounded.  He is definitely a grenade thrower.  His rhetoric is quite sophomoric but he doesn’t care.  Not necessarily a good credential for the world’s super power and catalyst.

Jill Farrant, a molecular physiologist based at the University of Cape Town, discovered a plant that seemed dead.  It could survive with no water for months to years.  By giving it water, it came back to life.  She is now trying to switch genes in wheat, rice and maize crops so that they can survive droughts.  Can “Resurrection Plants” be the Future of Foods?  BBC News–December 21, 2015

A team at MIT has come up with an innovative approach to desalination.  The system uses an electrically driven shock wave within a stream of flowing water.  It pushes salty water to one side of the flow and fresh water to the other, allowing easy separation of the two streams.  It is called shock electrodialysis.  One possible application would be in cleaning vast amounts of waste water generated by hydraulic fracturing or fracking.  A practical and inexpensive way of cleaning the contaminated salty water.  MIT News–December 21, 2015.

Police Shootings–The Washington Post is reporting that 965 people in the US have been killed by police officers in 2015–nearly 3 people every day.  An earlier study by The Guardian –released in late November–showed that more than 1,000 had been killed by police officers (not all of them shot).  47 people died as the result of being shocked with an officer’s Taser, 36 were killed while in custody.

Ponder This

“Spiritual thinking is never NOW thinking.  Finished ideas are not creative.  Unfinished business is life.  Nature is never satisfied.  It is always in competition with itself.  It is seeking to bring to fruition something better than that which has been before.  Your goal and your decisions regarding it are vital to you.”

Raymond Charles Barker–The Power of Decision, DeVorss & Company, 1968

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