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Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”  Oscar Wilde

2017 coming into view!

2017 coming into view!

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Upcoming Events

January the 1st month of the year

Question and Answer:

View from the Freeway

Trends and Forecasts

Ponder This

UPCOMING EVENTS:  https://gailminogue.com/events/

These are events posted into April.  If you would like an event in your area, please contact me–and thanks!  To register for an event, please see the event section of my website

January 25th, 7 pm PST, a webinar on the explanation of Trends and Forecast for 2017 and beyond

January 29th, Sunday,  10:30 am, PST, FREE  talk at Common Grounds, Corona, CA

February 8th, Tucson, AZ, 7 pm to 9 pm lecture with Q and A on the mystical meanings of our current times and cycles

February 9th, Tucson, AZ 10 – noon, workshop on Numerology

March 18th and 19th, San Francisco, CA.  Saturday afternoon lecture and Sunday workshop

March 25th and 26th, Los Angeles, CA, 2 day workshop on intensive Numerology, class size limited, suggest early registration

April 1st, Idyllwild, CA (near Palm Springs and Julian, CA), Spirit Mountain Retreat Center, Saturday all-day workshop on Numerology.  Gorgeous retreat center in the mountains overlooking Palm Springs.

April 12th, 7 pm PDT,  Laguna Hills, CA talk on the importance of the 4th month and its connection to the planetary alignment. ASCAN

January, the 1st month of the year!

We have much enthusiasm for the beginning of a new year.  It always holds hope and promise and an opportunity to bury the past–so we think.  January, however, is somewhat of a sluggish month.  We are still cleaning up physically, financially and emotionally from the last few months of the holidays.  January, by its nature, is not a month to launch.  It is really a month to recover, process the last year (s) and set your plans up for the year 2017.  We are moving out of a hightened sense of urgency to a time out period.  The northern hemisphere is still in the shortened day and the sun continues to set too early.  As we move into February, the doldrums will have started to shake off and by March, you should be ready to launch.

The motto for January is prepare, plan and be ready to execute by March, the 3rd month of the year.  The old adage of ready, set go relates to the number three.  January is our getting ready month so do not expect yourself to jump out of the gate ready to go.  Each of us has our own personal month anyway.  In your own individual blueprint, January could actually be a numberr 9 month for you and you would then be completing things this month.  In all depends on your own chart.  Safe to say, take care of yourself both physically and mentally now and don’t try and be the hero and get everything off the ground this month.  Fire away in March.

Question and Answer:

Which is stronger, thought or the spoken word?


“Both of their powers are equal.  The difference is that words take immediate effect, whereas thoughts work more silently and more slowly from the invisible levels.  A hasty word is not easily recalled, but a negative thought can be corrected before it is given utterance.”

How does one attain a balance between humility and positiveness:


“In regard to one’s attitude towards himself/herself, there should be humility because of the incompleteness which exists.  However, towards the world our attitude should be positive which is constructive and affirmative.”

Do we suffer from having interfered with the decisions of others?


“Indeed we do!  Should those older than 18 choose undesirable habits, it is unwise for us to try to sway or change them after we have once expressed our frank advice.  We must not allow ourselves to become obsessed with watchfulness, misery and fearfulness about the mistakes of others.  I have observed cases where the dominating soul was punished more quickly ‘by the law’ than was the prodigal son.   The more we learn in the school of life, the better do we understand that we should not interfere with the preferences of others.”  “Here are your Answers” Flower Newhouse

View from the Freeway

Although all of us understand that 2017 is a Number 1 Universal Year, we need to focus on our own Personal Year number as it carries much more weight than does the Universal Year.  Yes, 2017 is a new beginning in the cycle of 1-9 years.  It also can be the seeding year for trends and qualities for the next 9 years.  It gives us all a sense of hope and promise but what is seeded this year can be both good and bad.  Many things seeded this year will play out over the next 7 years when this cycle begins to wind down.  Just about the right time for the Pluto in Capricorn cycle to end.  I imagine the next 7-8 years be very challenging with more focus on the government.  The seeds are being planted for big changes.  Some will be good but many will have unintended consequences that cannot be known at this time.

We will begin the testing of the principles for which the United States was founded.  This is a Revolutionary Period similar to the time of the American Revolution.  We will revisit the reasons for the revolution and clean up unfinished business from that period.  Pluto in Capricorn takes long hidden issues and brings them into the light.  We will begin to see the dysfunctions of the American government and the greed and inefficiencies that have been hidden.  It is interesting to note that today, the House of Representatives voted to eliminate the Office of Congressional Ethics,  This independent body was created to oversee Congress and prevent toxic behavior by House members.  The House will now police itself, otherwise known as the kids parenting the kids.  This is a more lenient body.  This group would no longer be able to release information to the public or employ anyone for a position of  communicating with the public without approval.  This group would also be prohibited from investigating anonymous complaints.  In other words, a lack of transparency.  They have also banned cell phone camera usage on the House floor and backed it with heavy fines for those who do use them.

As Pluto moves through the next few years in the sign of Capricorn, we will begin to see people waking up to their own responsibility and self-control.  In short, people will rely less and less on the government and more on themselves.  Government will become more local. Businesses will become more local as well.

As you move out into the number one Universal Year, you need to understand your own personal year.  This is your year, your direction and your energy for 2017.  To understand your own Personal Year.  Add your month and day of birth to the Universal One year.  For example:  If you are born February 6th, you would add the numbers 2 + 6 + 1 = 9.  In 2017 you are in a number 9 personal year.  Your year is not new beginnings but is a year of endings, completions and finishing what you have been working on for the last 8 years.  It is never a wise idea to begin new businesses, buy new houses, cars etc. in a number 9 personal year.  Instead, wait until your number 1 year in 2018.  Finish up, take temporary employment etc.  Everything begins to change in a number 1 year.

Here are your personal years:

1   New beginnings, plant, move, create, be active with your new ideas, jobs, relationships.  Focus on what you need to do to get started on the next 9 year cycle.

2  Patience, the seeds you planted in the 1 year are growing.  You cannot see the roots so take it easy.  Work diligently but be patient.  This is a year when you will not want to be alone and will seek “another”.  Be careful who you share your ideas and plans with this year.  You are more vulnerable and the plans, dreams etc. could be dismissed or judged.  Keep your own counsel rather than share them with friends and family.

3  Great year for networking, changing your appearance and getting out there.  It is a creative year so create.  Do not scatter your forces and do not be a jack of all trades.  Focus your creative energy.  Weed your garden of some of the ideas you planted in the number 1 year.  They will waste your time and energy.

4  Roll up your sleeves.  This is a work year.  Focus on your plans that you began in the number 1 year.  Be disciplined, structured, organized, methodical.  Work.  Do not complain.  Be very practical this year.  You are building a stronger foundation.

5  Change.  Great year to market yourself, move, travel and meet lots of people.  Make changes in some of these ideas you have.  Above all do not sit home and just work.  Marketing and advertising yourself and your ideas is important this year.  You will want freedom.

6  Lots of responsibility.  This is both domestic and community.  Everybody needs you this year.  This can be a very good financial year but it is definitely a year related to increased responsibility.  It is a marrying and divorcing year as well as a year to add or subtract a family member (college, marriage, births etc.)  Watch what you say “yes” to this year.  It is easy to overcommit.

7  Rest, restore, recover and plan.  You are now winding down the last 7 years.  You need time out.  Do not push work this year.  Be more selfish and tend to yourself.  Go to school, go to a retreat, stay home.  You will want more time to be alone.  Be in nature as much as possible.  Guard your rest periods.

8  Harvest.  This is year to harvest from all of the past 8 years.  If you took time out in your 7 year to process, you will be more effective in this 8 year.  Knock on doors that were closed.  Connect with people or situations that said no to you over the past 8 years.  Go big!  Think big!  There may be money required to grow bigger so do not expect to do all of this without putting out some money to help it.  The opportunity to spend big and receive big are both part of the same 8 year.

9  Wrap it up.  This is your year to clean up debts, open-ended projects and other areas of clean up.  You will give more things away as you simplify your life.  Good time to sell your items too.  Excellent year for doing charity work and for international travel.  You are preparing for the next cycle so you need to wind up this old cycle first–all 9 nine years of it.  Do not start new projects but continue to work on the old ones.  You can plan for the new but do not execute until your number 1 year.

Trends and Forecasts

There is a great unknown with the new President but there are some things we can expect.  Trump has a Saturn in Cancer in his birth chart.  This position tends to act macho in public.  He cannot bear to be criticized in public and he won’t let you do it more than once.  This is the reason he comes out fighting on some really silly comments.  His feelings of competency was undermined by his father. (Was sent off to Military Academy to shape him up) He has spent his life fighting back also called “I’ll show them” complex.”  It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time with Congress and with foreign leaders.

  • Lower taxes on both corporate and individuals.  Problem follows that if taxes benefit mostly the upper class, citizens will begin to turn against Trump.  Much depends upon the first 100 days.
  • Trump did not receive a mandate and had a very low favorable rating going into the Presidency.  If it improves during the first 100 days, he will have much more strength with Congress.  If not, he will remain a weakened President.
  • Repealing Obamacare without a replacement will be a big problem for both the insurance companies as well as the voters. They do not want it repealed but want certain areas of it kept, such as children remaining on their parents policy until the age of 26.
  • Trump will find out that the real last word is with Congress.  If he cannot get his favorable rating moved up, they will have much more control over him than he realizes.
  • Trade wars would be a disaster.  The last thing American companies want are tariffs.  They will increase the unemployment rate and help bring on a recession in America.
  • As things stand today, I do not see a recession in 2017.
  • A wall will not be built with Mexico.  We already have a wall.  We could hire some more border patrols and improve some of the existing wall.
  • 3 million illegal aliens were deported by Obama, the most of any American president.  Will this trend continue with Trump?
  • NAFTA will stay.  Some of the wording will be refined to improve it for America but it will not be scrapped.
  • NATO will stay as well.  Some of the existing countries will pay more into it.
  • Freedom of the Press will remain under pressure.  This is similar to Revolutionary Days when the press was oppressed.  By marginalizing the press, the citizens will find it more difficult to get the truth out of its government.
  • Both Russia and China do not act rashly.  They are prudent players who have learned that the US can be made to fold on a bluff.  Both Russia and China are in weak positions.  Russia has an excess of computer programmers left over from the cold war (schools were set up to continue training programmers to hack for the intelligence agencies in Russia).  Due to their lack of power both economically and militarily, they undermine other governments throughout the world using the hacking methods.  It gives Russia an oversized power.
  • Trump will fail in wooing Putin.  Eventually his honeymoon will be over.  Many new presidents thought they could improve on Russian relations but each has failed.  Reagan was an exception but the Soviet Union was crumbling and he was able to use this condition to improve relations.
  • It is important for Trump and Congress to know when China and Russia are bluffing and when they are not.
  • Expect more drilling, more oil and gas exploration.
  • Trump will try to improve the job situation through taxation but this is a very slow process of trickle down economics.
  • Trump breaking of protocol can be a very good thing.  It remains to be seen how it plays out.
  • More people will get involved locally both with their governments and growing businesses in their area.
  • We will become more nationally focused rather than globally focused.  We will become more involved with those closer than afar.
  • There should be lower regulations both in business and in governments.  This should be useful in preventing gridlock.  Of course, there will be unintended consequences of this behavior but we do need to get rid of so many regulations.

Ponder This

“We need to learn noninterference.  Having done our part, we must “be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him” (Ps. 37.7)  One of the surest evidences of faith in God is our being able to turn away from a difficult situation in which we have done our best, to give our attention to other matters with calm, untroubled minds.”

Georgiana Tree West, Prosperity’s Ten Commandents