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We’ve Heard This Song Before - Jul 29, 2018

If you have thought that this is a very extreme and challenging time for the world, you would be right but we’ve been through this before. It is just another different year, a different cast of characters but a familiar story. The problem is we forget, weren’t born yet, or don’t remember our history. To top it off, we have the big Uranus in Taurus transit which started in late May and continues throughout the next seven years to make sure we shape up and fly right. The last few times we experienced this important transit were 1850 through 1858 and the run up to the Civil War and June, 1934 through May, 1942 for the run up and start of World War II. Needless to say, we should pay attention to this important period as it will bring life-altering changes to our lives.

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