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We’ve Heard This Song Before

If you have thought that this is a very extreme and challenging time for the world, you would be rightMass Confusion Ahead Sign but we’ve been through this before.  It is just another different year, a different cast of characters but a familiar story.  The problem is we forget, weren’t born yet, or don’t remember our history.  To top it off, we have the big Uranus in Taurus transit which started in late May and continues throughout the next seven years to make sure we shape up and fly right.  The last few times we experienced this important transit were 1850 through 1858 and the run up to the Civil War and June, 1934 through May, 1942 for the run up and start of World War II.  Needless to say, we should pay attention to this important period as it will bring life-altering changes to our lives.

Along with Uranus in Taurus, there are big geopolitical changes around the world.  Because of them and the big domestic challenges for both China and the United States, neither one can afford to go to war or ignore their own population.  The US has faced similar internal challenges as we are now experiencing.  One challenge was back at the end of the 1900’s or the ending of the Gilded Age and the other on the eve of the Great Depression.  Both of these two periods were defined by extreme income inequality in the US and great uncertainty over what should be America’s role in the world.  As you can see back then and now, there are great social and political crises.  These crises gave way to what the political parties stood for and created long-lasting changes for the United States.  The Gilded Age gave way to progressives, labor reform and Teddy Roosevelt’s trust-busting.  The Great Depression gave way to the New Deal and was the beginning of many federally funded entitlements.  The time period also led to the beginning in the 60’s of the Civil Rights movement.

As we begin the Uranus in Taurus, (Taurus rules money), you will see changes to the money systems including a modernization of Social Security.  You can expect big changes to the banking system.  There can be wild price swings in currencies.  We can become more and more a cashless society.  Big banking houses and other financial institutions will be at risk.  The entire system of banking will be turned on its head.  The banking system is very much out of whack as almost no interest is paid out to the average bank account but charges to borrow continue to sky rocket.  If the government doesn’t pass legislation to treat depositors fairly, you could see the masses turn against them.  It is all about values and how citizens are imprisoned by unequal money conditions.

George Friedman, of “Geopolitical Futures” cites some bleak examples of income and wealth inequality.  He mentions that it has reached staggering levels.  “The top 10 percent of pretax income earners make half of all pretax income in the United States.  That is higher than at any previous moment in recorded U.S. history–including at the height of the Great Depression.  Income growth has also ground to a standstill.  The bottom 50% of US income earners saw a 1% decline in real accumulated growth from 1978 to 2015….Even in China, where the top wage earners have profited far more than the bottom 50%, real growth over the same period was 550% for the bottom half of earners.”

If we look at wealth inequality, “from 1932 to 1986 the bottom 90% of American society increased its share of total wealth in the US peaking at around 35%.”  Since that time, the bottom 90% has been socked.  Now, it possesses just a little over 20%.  During this time, the top 0.1 of Americans “possess 20% of household wealth.”

As I have said earlier in this post, we have passed this way before.  The last time wealth was concentrated so highly was on the eve of the Great Depression.  Along comes Uranus in Taurus just two months ago to start the process of correcting this imbalance.  Uranus, the planet, is the transformer.  It is sudden energy, it is neutral, detached and void of all feeling.  In a cool impersonal way, it unleashes its forces.  You will see necessary changes to the electrical grid as Uranus rules electricity, technology etc.  In an earth sign, you can expect really practical and sudden changes to the land, how we grow our foods and to the money.  Even if cash will be going away, keep some stashed away so you can get to it if/when ATM’s fail, technology takes a flyer and banks’ software systems go down.  Cash is still a terrific thing to hold.


4 responses to “We’ve Heard This Song Before”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Paul,

    I am not sure where you are reading that I am talking about Social Security as if it didn’t work. I, too, receive Social Security, no pension and last timed I looked, I am not in the street. This transit and changes that are about to take place over the next seven years will revisit Social Security and other what–government calls “entitlement” programs. You can use whatever words you choose, but these program that were started during the last Uranus in Taurus, in the 30’s, up to 1942, will be revisited and amended. How, at this point, I don’t know but they will.

    I am glad you are enjoying reading my posts. Thank you for your feedback.

  2. Paula Hollie says:

    I do wish that you would stop taking about Social Security and Medicare like it was an entitlement program. It isn’t. I paid into Social Security and Medicare for almost 50 years and did not start taking it until I was almost 70. It has been a savings program for those of us who are now seniors. Now we can reap the benefits of our savings. Fifty-years – the last 10 years I was paying in almost $400 every two weeks. Please stop talking about it like it doesn’t work and it’s a give-a-way program. Without this program and a small retirement from my company, I am able to subsist in this crazy economy. Please be a little more sensitive and supportive towards us “old people” on social security and pensions. I wouldn’t want to be tossed into the street after working in and paying into this country for so many years. Would you? Thank you for all of your articles and for your insights. I am enjoying them immensely. I agree wholeheartedly. As Pemo Chodron said, “Nothing every goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” One day, I hope we learn.

  3. Dick Tippett says:


    Bless you for this simple, impersonal, non-political insight.


  4. Excellent article. Everything does seem “deja vu” at some point!

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