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The Numerology of Cancer–What/Why Is it? - Feb 19, 2014

The word cancer is an 8 powered word. This means that if I total all the letters and reduce them to a single digit, it will be the number eight. This is power. Remember the 80’s and the power of Wall Street. Women wore big shoulder pads. Money was key and power was its goal. When we deal with cancer, we are working with the biggest number of authority and power. It is the ultimate manifestation. In fact, the number 8 is the representation of strength. It is also a karmic number in the fact that it is ruled by Saturn–who in Mythology represents Father Time and karma. Another representation would be Chronos, the time keeper. Another representation is of the “grim reaper”. When we work with cancer, we understand the power it possesses and its ability of strength.

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