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Common and Ordinary Exit times for Our Lives - Apr 22, 2015

Most of us have lost friends, loved ones, and acquaintances. The older we get, the more painful it is to see dear close friends and family members leave our lives. Yesterday I was listening to the Pulitzer Prize author Toni Morrison. At the age of 84 she was announcing her new book and talking about what it is like to now be 84. She admitted to her own depression of seeing her son die in his 40’s, the loss of most family members and almost all her close friends. She no longer has to do anything each day. Someone cleans and cooks for her. Her body doesn’t work as well as she can’t do many of the things she might like to physically be doing. Writing is her therapy although that is in itself a challenge. Her take on life is quite common when we all reach a certain age, particularly 84.

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