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Common and Ordinary Exit times for Our Lives

Most of us have lost friends, loved ones, and acquaintances.  The older we get, the more painful it is to see dear close friends and family members leave our lives.  Yesterday I was listening to the Pulitzer Prize author Toni Morrison.  At the age of 84 she was announcing her new book  and talking about what it is like to now be 84.  She admitted to her own depression of seeing her son die in his 40’s, the loss of most family members and almost all her close friends.  She no longer has to do anything each day.  Someone cleans and cooks for her.  Her body doesn’t work as well as she can’t do many of the things she might like to physically be doing.  Writing is her therapy although that is in itself a challenge.  Her take on life is quite common when we all reach a certain age, particularly 84.

We consciously and unconsciously have times when we weigh our lives and decide if it is all worthwhile.  Do we want to continue to stay and learn?  Are we ready to go?  There are natural crossroad ages that we all will confront if we live long enough.  Although a blueprint is at least 120 years, many of us take one of these ages to exit the scene.   I have talked about the 7- year soul cycles beginning at age 7.  These are periods of intense growth and awareness,  ages 7, 14, 21, 28 etc.  Every 7 years while you are here you will experience a soul cycle.  I have learned over time that the most important, and can be the most difficult, is the age of 49 or the 7th soul cycle.  It is truly 7 x 7 and allows the soul to stop, assess, integrate its experiences and decide how to move forward.  The age of 49 to 50 is a key year in an individual’s life.  Each soul year lasts one full year.

Other key times are a function of the astrological aspect of the blueprint.  These are the end of the Uranus Return (it revisits your chart from the time it was there at birth) and the end of the third Saturn return.  The Uranus return ends at approximately 83-84 and the third Saturn return at the ages of 88-90.  These are all completion signals that the soul recognizes and are normal patterns of a life.

You do not know of many 50 year old’s passing on but you certainly see the pattern in the 83-84 years old group and the 88-90 age group.

Another natural exit time is a few weeks before or after your birthday.  Some individuals exist exactly on their birthday.  This usually signals a completion of what that soul came here to learn.  Many times we cannot understand why a person leaves when they have everything to live for.   It makes no sense to those left behind but it does to the soul directing the theater show that the personality is acting out.

One of my common themes is never retire, get too comfortable or stop moving.  Souls do not come here to retire, stop growing and stay put.  In order to stay here, we may have to sacrifice something very important so that we can continue to grow, expand our awareness and actualize what we said we would accomplish prior to birth.  For some it is a daunting task and they make the decision to exit.  Some purposely abbreviate their time here.  They will choose again at another time.  We rarely understand the true reason for their leaving.

Childhood ends at 30 and productive years begin at 40.  Our best leaders should have at least completed their 7th cycle or be at least 50.  Life and death patterns of numbers and astrological transits are important tools to help us understand our own lives and to live them wisely and productively.  We are always at choice.





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  1. Bonnie Cayer says:

    Well said Gail. Please stay for a long time, go the distance

    With appreciation.


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