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Why Affirmation May Not Work–The Magic Number 7 - Mar 22, 2017

Over time I have observed many people writing out affirmations, repeating affirmations and burning paper with their affirmations. I guess that’s to symbolize sending off the affirmation into the ethers where it can be blended with spirits or spirit. It looks to me like many people put their trust, faith and hope into affirmations. New Thought groups, churches and other houses of worship are big on sponsoring classes on prosperity and other forms of abundance. It seems they are always chasing down money and miracles. I have also done my share to create affirmations. I thought I did a pretty good job. Why didn’t they “come true”? What happens to all those aborted affirmations? Is positive thinking enough? Have we become a country of “pastorpreneurs”? Why are prosperity classes such “money-makers”? Pardon the pun. Why are those who attend prosperity classes short on prosperity?

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