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Why Affirmation May Not Work–The Magic Number 7

Over time I have observed many people writing out affirmations, repeating affirmations and burning paper with their

Invisible Power of 7

Invisible Power of 7

affirmations.  I guess that’s to symbolize sending off the affirmation into the ethers where it can be blended with spirits or spirit.  It looks to me like many people put their trust, faith and hope into affirmations.   New Thought groups, churches and other houses of worship are big on sponsoring classes on prosperity and other forms of abundance.   It seems they are always chasing down money and miracles.  I have also done my share to create affirmations.  I thought I did a pretty good job.  Why didn’t they “come true”?  What happens to all those aborted affirmations?  Is positive thinking enough?  Have we become a country of “pastor-preneurs”?  Why are prosperity classes such “money-makers”?  Pardon the pun.  Why are those who attend prosperity classes short on prosperity?

The answer may lie in the fact that we really don’t know how to create successful affirmations.  In order to help my Numerology students improve affirmation results, I have been working with the power of the number seven.  So many people love this piece and it has been so helpful  to them that I am passing it along to you to improve your success rate when you earnestly create your affirmation.  Many years ago I met in New York with a wonderful woman by the name of June Burke.  She was able to channel some incredible work with numbers through a spirit named Julian.  One of my lessons was working with this powerful number seven.  Here is the some of the information I learned.  Use it wisely and seriously.

Seven represents man (the straight line) and matter (the slash mark across the top) united.  It creates an invisible power point.  By using this number seven in your activities, you can create with united power.  Example:

Affirm a new thought in a series of seven.  The subconscious mind reacts.

Repeat an affirmation 7 times a day for 7 days or 7 times a week for 7 weeks or 7 times an hour for 7 hours….  Whatever system you want to use with the law of seven.

Best time to do this is before sleep.  The conscious mind is tired and will not put up much resistance.

Make a recording to use before falling asleep.  Be careful how you word it.  Do not program it on the “ego” personality-self but on the greater need within.

In our technological society we have DENIED emotion and operate on thought OR we have lots of guidance but little emotion.  For this reason many times affirmations do NOT work.  They could have lots of thought (empty) behind them but no emotion behind them.  DO NOT ROBOTICALLY CREATE AFFIRMATIONS.  Emotion is the power system, thought is the guidance system and feeling is the blending of both emotions and thought.

If you are interested in learning more about the magic of numbers, sign up for one of my classes.  There is so much information waiting to be discovered.



2 responses to “Why Affirmation May Not Work–The Magic Number 7”

  1. Sharon says:

    So true, Gail! Emotions are a key. It is so important to affirm with feeeeeling….heartfelt feeling with focused energy and imagination. Feel it and have fun with whatever we want to create! The better we feel the more attuned and receptive we are to lining things up with enthusiasm and gusto and then allowing our heart’s desires to come forth easily and frequently.

    I haven’t heard of the formula using 7’s…interesting! Thanks, Gail@

  2. Bill Thomas says:

    Hi Gail,

    You may remember that we had a conversation about this very topic. Your suggestion was to begin the affirmation with “I now have” and complete the thought with “which came to me easily and effortlessly through grace.” I owe you a debt of gratitude. This works.

    I’m about 10 days away from closing on a new home, and my bank account had improved dramatically. I can’t logically explain all the circumstances that occurred to create this improvement in my life circumstances, but I put the thought out to the universe and the universe responded. Thank you again.

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