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Think Cursively on Paper - Aug 8, 2017

Over the years I have used this mantra with my clients. Think on paper. Get out of your head and write it down. There are very good reasons for this but they are not what you imagine them to be. The other part of my philosophy is to use your fingers to write it, not the keyboard of your computer. Number one, we get out of our heads and get clarity and number two, when we use our fingers to hold the pen or pencil, we form a mudra with the connecting fingers. This wires a certain part of the brain and helps one to remember it better as if you seeded a portion of your brain. Yogis have been known to sandpaper their finger tips for an even better connection. First you have desire, then you have manifestation. The writing down of your desire is a clear, present manifestation of your desire. You never use a keyboard for this.

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