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Joan Rivers–Birth Blueprint - Sep 9, 2014

Joan Rivers, the famous comedian, recently passed on and has left us with many memorable moments and many great laughs. She was a force of nature and truly unique. She was also controversial and offensive to many. Personally, I found her hilarious, raunchy, brilliant and brave. She definitely played a role in poking a finger at righteousness. Let’s take a look at her planning.

She was born with the name blueprint of Joan Alexandra Molinsky. (She changed her name to Rivers at the suggestion of her at-the-time agent with the same last name.) She was born on June 8, 1933. Her life path, from her date of birth, is the number 3. It is comprised of a 30 so somehow she earned divine protection from prior lives. No matter what happened to her in this life time there was always a protective force with her. When we have a zero in our key destiny number, day of birth number, or our life path number, we have earned this protection. Things just seem to end up okay. Joan, as many good comedians, had quite a bit of tragedy. This experience is the hot house for the pathos and comedy that make up our best comedians. Where do you channel depression but up on stage–as was the case of recently-passed Robin Williams.

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