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Joan Rivers–Birth Blueprint

Joan Rivers, the famous comedian, recently passed on and has left us with many memorable moments and many great laughs.  She was a force of nature and truly unique.  She was also controversial and offensive to many.  Personally, I found her hilarious, raunchy, brilliant and brave.  She definitely played a role in poking a finger at righteousness.  Let’s take a look at her planning.

She was born with the name blueprint of Joan Alexandra Molinsky.  (She changed her name to Rivers at the suggestion of her at-the-time agent with the same last name.)  She was born on June 8, 1933.  Her life path, from her date of birth, is the number 3.  It is comprised of a 30 so somehow she earned divine protection from prior lives.  No matter what happened to her in this life time there was always a protective force with her.  When we have a zero in our key destiny number, day of birth number, or our life path number, we have earned this protection.  Things just seem to end up okay.  Joan, as many good comedians, had quite a bit of tragedy.  This experience is the hot house for the pathos and comedy that make up our best comedians.  Where do you channel depression but up on stage–as was the case of recently-passed Robin Williams.

Her life path of the 3 was always about using her communication skills, acting, singing, writing, speaking etc. to bring joy.  We completely underrate “joy” but it is so important.  She brought a great deal of joy to the public.  She also published 12 books and graduated phi beta kappa with a degree in literature from Barnard College.  She was so outrageous you couldn’t help but laugh.  I saw her earlier this year in Los Angeles and I also saw her perform a few years ago.  My goodness she held the audience in her hands.  People were crying in tears of laughter.  This spring, in March, she even climbed up on top of her baby grand piano on stage.  She definitely showed that an 80 year old was still relevant, brilliant and hysterical.  No topic was off limits–from old-age sex to disliking bratty children she covered it all.  She said the unspeakable and said what many of us think but would never dare to say or admit to.

What a treat!  Her birth chart had a destiny of the number 4.  Extremely hardworking and admires work, needs to be productive, loves working and is very methodical.  Hence, Joan was extremely well-organized, very disciplined, ridiculously hardworking and was lucky when she worked.  On top of that, she had another important placement of the number 3 magnifying the energy of the three.  She was bringing forth from prior lives a strong independent streak.  She was in many positions in past lives where she had to go it alone due to circumstances and choice.  She was the pioneer in prior lives and was again in this one.  No doubt she could stand on her own two feet.  She liked being her own boss and could thrive in that environment as she had done it lifetime after lifetime.

Being born on an 8 day made her very ambitious.  She was missing only the number 8 in her name (hence the need to bring in the number 8 by being born on that day).  She did not like being told what to do and had to learn how to work with the laws of manifestation in this lifetime.  She could make money, lose money and make it again.  The missing 8 will always test use on the correct use and abuse of money, authority, time and energy.  By going bankrupt and making it all back speaks well of this lesson that she was learning.

She was brilliant with 3 planets in Gemini, including her sun sign, and her moon in Sagittarius.  This would make her very witty, quick-on-her-feet and a great dislike of phonies.  Hence, she was always poking fun at the “fake”.  Fake jewelry, fake people, fake behavior etc.  She could tear you to shreds if you were fake.  She helped call out the liars, the phonies and the fakes of our society.  She always used self-deprecating humor and called herself all the time on her own “fakeness”.

Deep down this was a very conservative woman who believed in tradition and loyalty.  She had many friends and the pain of it all was that she was a better friend to her friends than they were to her.  She did, however, make it hard for people to give to her.  She didn’t want them to pay or treat etc.

Now why would she leave now?  Coming down the road in her chart was a 4 personal year (2015) and a lousy Saturn transit that would have delivered hardships for the next 2 1/2 years beginning the end of December.  She has been working her buns off since the age of 52 and she was tired.  The transits would have hit her hard.  On top of that, she has been going through an identity change since October of 2012.  She was booked to do a British tour in 2015 but my feelings are it would not turn out to be what she had thought.  Her final pinnacle of the number 22 has been her environment for almost 30 years.  During this time she laid the ground work for others to move into.  It is a master number and was in some ways a sacred time for her.  She allowed many to stop taking dumb stuff too seriously, look at your own selves, stop judging others, get real and above all, learn to laugh at the things that might have broken your heart.  The facelifts were part of her humanness and allowed many to direct their fears at her while considering their own self-improvements.  I will miss her smart crazies.

4 responses to “Joan Rivers–Birth Blueprint”

  1. gail says:

    You can definitely tell what a person is bringing in from prior lives. You can see what they are missing, their challenges and their gifts. It all lies in the name. You can also find various combination of numbers such as double “LL” as in Ellen, really enhance the energy of the number and lend even more weight to its past life significance. Joan was spot on carrying out her blueprint. Even the types of letters, how many there are and where they land tell a story. I haven’t done Robin Williams blueprint but I am sure it is fascinating.

  2. Karen says:

    Brilliant insights about Joan’s life and what was to lie ahead for her as well. How can you tell from somone’s chart what they have brought in — like her protection, or what she’s overcome before? I find that fascinating. If you feel inspired I would love to know Robin William’s chart too, I really felt it when he passed.

  3. Lors Spicher says:

    wow. really like the summation of Joan River’s life. Thanks.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Wow! She truly did live life according to divine plan. Thanks for putting this together, Gail. Joan is a true example/inspiration. Jennifer

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