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Did You Know? - Jan 16, 2019

Did you know that the greatest gift given to you here on earth was the gift of life? Life itself was always the present. The rest of the experience here is what you choose to do with it. You can abuse it, waste it, invest it, love it, cherish it, be fascinated by it, indulge it, curse it or just wait it out until you can get out of it. Whatever you choose, it will be yours to do. The two main lessons we are to learn here on the earth plain are “freewill choice and emotional energy”. Everything we do here is instructing us that we have free will even if imprisoned. Our mind is the guidance system for it all. What a trip! This is where we make up karma–in the mind. The second lesson of working with emotional energy gives us the opportunity to experience all the emotions of this place, the sad, the happy, the discouraged, the despair, the elation, the fear and the fury.

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