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Coarser, Louder, Harder–Where is the Peace? - Aug 9, 2016

Is it me, my age, my ears? I am not sure if it’s not all of them. Is our society just more edgy, more loud, more rude, more of everything? I still think we crave time to process what we have created and quietude to calm ourselves. I was at, of all things, a flea market. I haven’t been to one in years. I was told a certain artist would be there so off I went to meet her. It was fun and I like all the people milling around selling and buying. I went to a stand to buy one of the fresh juice drinks. I had fresh watermelon. It was great. There was a very loud band playing and I sort of took it in stride but it was right by the juice merchant who had to listen to it all day. He said they just get louder and it was his feeling that they weren’t that good but they would play louder so as to get the attention. He then said that was what he noticed about different bands, they would play even louder when they weren’t good.

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