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Did You Stop to Smell the Roses? Do they still have fragrance? - May 31, 2016

Years ago, I mean years ago, when I was just 19, a friend said to me “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses”. I never forgot that. It seemed so odd to say to me. At 19, I was a busy girl and moving forward. Of course, I smell the roses. At that time, they actually had fragrance. Now they are sold for appearance, size and hybrid colors. I sent my sister three dozen for her birthday. I am sure they had no fragrance. I received a beautiful bouquet from my son on Mother’s Day and the roses had no fragrance. I still enjoyed them and kept them alive into their second week. It seems we have bred the roses for the practical over the sentimental. It’s definitely a symptom of larger trends in America. I wonder if the breeders knew that we were forgetting to stop and smell the roses so they didn’t have to be fragrant any more.

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