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Born on a 4 day–America’s Gifting of Talent - Jun 30, 2015

With America being born on a 4 day (July 4, 1776), she came into this world as a hard working and conscientious country. Four is the number of work, discipline, principle, responsibility, pride, compassion for people and perseverance in the face of adversity. It is consider the rock but stubborn as well. There is a focus on the foundations of life and taking care of the basics. This focus on the foundation can apply to the family, business or career. She likes to work and her work ethic has brought her wealth, freedom and security. Americans are extremely productive and value their freedom and their work. (President Obama is also born on a 4 day). Those who come here to find freedom many times find themselves working more than one job just to keep it. We accept only a few weeks of vacation time a year and when on vacation, many of us stay connected to our work.

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