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America Bombs, Religion Wanes and Aquarius Rises - Sep 23, 2014

It might look like the world is going to the dogs–or even worse–my apologies to the dogs, but this is all right on time in the scheme of things. When the planet is changing, evolving and transforming, like it or not, we are too. Sometimes it has to get really awful or extreme in order to usher in the new and discard the old. Never loose sight of the fact that we are improving. It just looks bad, feels bad and sounds bad.

Today’s headlines are full of news of America and her allies bombing parts of Iraq and Syria. This region is full of strong men, retardation of female rights, religious fanatics and really good people. Out of this mess will come new kinds of heroes and heroines but we have to work with what we have now. In the parts of the world where systems are not working–in particular where there is great cruelty–it can get worse before it gets better. This is what is happening right now with the ISIS group.

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Your Most Important Birthdays–what are they? - Sep 17, 2014

I have spoken several times about the most important birthdays–or ages–of a person’s life. I have written about this in my book, “Divine Design–How You Created the Life You are Living”, but it bears repeating. Each of us will continue to experience key birthdays while we travel through our lives. The first one begins at age 7. This is what we call the first Soul Cycle.

As we grow older in age, every 7th birthday we will experience another of these Soul Cycles. Each lasts one year. So, the first cycle is from 7 to 8 years of age. This is the time the young person begins to move away from the original family unit and go out to the world for friendships and to try on his/her own personality and will. Friends become extremely important. It’s a time when the child doesn’t want to hold your hand any more when you cross the street.

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Joan Rivers–Birth Blueprint - Sep 9, 2014

Joan Rivers, the famous comedian, recently passed on and has left us with many memorable moments and many great laughs. She was a force of nature and truly unique. She was also controversial and offensive to many. Personally, I found her hilarious, raunchy, brilliant and brave. She definitely played a role in poking a finger at righteousness. Let’s take a look at her planning.

She was born with the name blueprint of Joan Alexandra Molinsky. (She changed her name to Rivers at the suggestion of her at-the-time agent with the same last name.) She was born on June 8, 1933. Her life path, from her date of birth, is the number 3. It is comprised of a 30 so somehow she earned divine protection from prior lives. No matter what happened to her in this life time there was always a protective force with her. When we have a zero in our key destiny number, day of birth number, or our life path number, we have earned this protection. Things just seem to end up okay. Joan, as many good comedians, had quite a bit of tragedy. This experience is the hot house for the pathos and comedy that make up our best comedians. Where do you channel depression but up on stage–as was the case of recently-passed Robin Williams.

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