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America Bombs, Religion Wanes and Aquarius Rises

It might look like the world is going to the dogs–or even worse–my apologies to the dogs, but this is all right on time in the Ponder thisscheme of things.  When the planet is changing, evolving and transforming, like it or not, we are too.  Sometimes it has to get really awful or extreme in order to usher in the new and discard the old.  Never lose sight of the fact that we are improving.  It just looks bad, feels bad and sounds bad.

Today’s headlines are full of news of America and her allies bombing parts of Iraq and Syria.  This region is full of strong men, retardation of female rights, religious fanatics and really good people.  Out of this mess will come new kinds of heroes and heroines but we have to work with what we have now.  In the parts of the world where systems are not working–in particular where there is great cruelty–it can get worse before it gets better.  This is what is happening right now with the ISIS group.  Pure or transformative energy can bring things to a grinding halt so that new arrangements based on justice, equality and inclusion can be created.  On top of that, we have really war-like transits in play that will be with us for a few more years.  Do not panic, you are watching coalitions be born, ordinary people emerge as heroes and the pulling of this region to the table.  It almost has to reach a fever pitch in order to get well.

Remember, America is the catalyst for the development of the individual in the collective.  She will always be leading this charge as the world transforms.  Her birth chart and destiny are the birth parents for the Aquarian Age.  Don’t panic.  The Aquarian Age and the continued Ken period of the I Ching keep moving us forward to a resurgence of wisdom and knowledge.  Removing superstition, religious dogma, paranoia and conspiracy theories are part of its job description.  American cannot play small or hide behind the curtain.  She can develop a better foreign policy and elect leaders who can lead.  If you have been watching the Roosevelts on PBS, please note that both Teddy and Franklin  had 5 life paths–the same as the United States–so does Abraham Lincoln.  These are our leaders in times of great change and progress.  America and those with 5 life paths are always agents of change.  Our citizens are the agents of world change.

A sleepy headline, but definitely important, is the latest Pew survey regarding religion.  72% in poll say religion is losing its influence in America.  This, too, is very Aquarian and a trend that will continue.  Watch for intense religious fervor as those who want to stop this trend try to get government and politics more entwined.  Be very careful here so that we continue with our founders’ “separation of church and state”.  Those who want more religion in politics will want their religious leaders to back certain politicians running for office.  This trend will rise as the religious groups try to get more religious leaders in office.  It will not work over time but it can create chaos and cause religious institutions to lose their tax-free status.  This status will be addressed in the coming years as many “houses of worship” are basically political bases for incumbents and their oppositions.

Much of this religious, corporate, government enmeshment continues until late 2023.  Role reverses begin and you can expect some volatile times during this 9 year window.  Don’t panic.  Keep your own counsel, look for empirical evidence of the narrative and keep prospering.  Easier times will come for the US once we get past 2024.  In fact, there is a new economic cycle beginning in 2020 and that is very positive.

3 responses to “America Bombs, Religion Wanes and Aquarius Rises”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Hello Jacquie,
    Actually very few politicians have the #5 life paths. That is why the three mentioned are so outstanding. Remember, the life path of the #5 is to learn to embrace change, do it constructively and learn what is freedom. If we have had very little past life experience with change or have been reluctant to make change, it can carry over. Many people look like they are making change but at closer look, have only moved the same furniture around the room. If a 5 life path, from your full date of birth, change and freedom should be learned.

  2. Jacquie Callender says:

    Hi Gail,
    I am a life path 5 also. Interesting that so many politicians are too. I know 5’s have something to do with change & yet I have been a medical record coder for 30 plus years. I like stability & money & I was a single Mom. (he’s 31 now & still living at home) There must be something else in my numerology that makes me want security so much. I am an 8 this year & a 22 in this 3rd phase-whatever you call it. I am 66 now.
    Anyway I enjoy reading your newsletter. Can’t wait for the middle age woman era. Some sense might come back to the world

  3. Soni foley says:

    Excellent explanation of current events!
    Thank you so much.
    Please return to Chicago soon!

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