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America Bombs, Religion Wanes and Aquarius Rises - Sep 23, 2014

It might look like the world is going to the dogs–or even worse–my apologies to the dogs, but this is all right on time in the scheme of things. When the planet is changing, evolving and transforming, like it or not, we are too. Sometimes it has to get really awful or extreme in order to usher in the new and discard the old. Never loose sight of the fact that we are improving. It just looks bad, feels bad and sounds bad.

Today’s headlines are full of news of America and her allies bombing parts of Iraq and Syria. This region is full of strong men, retardation of female rights, religious fanatics and really good people. Out of this mess will come new kinds of heroes and heroines but we have to work with what we have now. In the parts of the world where systems are not working–in particular where there is great cruelty–it can get worse before it gets better. This is what is happening right now with the ISIS group.

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