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Your Most Important Birthdays–what are they?

I have spoken several times about the most important birthdays–or ages–of a person’s life.  I have written about this in my book, “Divine Design–How You Created the Life You are Living”, but it bears repeating.  Each of us will continue to experience key birthdays while we travel through our lives.  The first one begins at age 7.  This is what we call the first Soul Cycle.

As we grow older in age, every 7th birthday we will experience another of these Soul Cycles.  Each lasts one year.  So, the first cycle is from 7 to 8 years of age.  This is the time the young person begins to move away from the original family unit and go out to the world for friendships and to try on his/her own personality and will.  Friends become extremely important.  It’s a time when the child doesn’t want to hold your hand any more when you cross the street.

The next and continuing cycles arrive every 7th birthday.  The second cycle at age 14-15 is a time of emotional turmoil as the individual is now learning how to develop his/her emotional side.  The third cycle is fro 21-22 when the individual begins the integration phase of the physical body, the mind and the emotions.  By the time this is completed at 28, the individual is ready to start going out into the adult world.

Once one arrives at 30 years of age, adulthood begins.  These 7-year Soul Cycles will be the most important birthdays, each one lasting one full year in length.  Once we have done 7 of these cycles, or the age of 49, we experience the most important birthday, the 49-50 birthday.  Here many things happen to make dramatic changes in the individual’s life.  This is the time when the individual begins to free itself from the shoulds’ of the family, friends, job etc.  It can be a trying time for anyone.  Along with the 28-30 years of age period, the 49th-50th age, the 58-60 years of age and the 83, 84 and 88,89 are extremely important ages.  These last two ages in the 80’s are critical times and completion of many aspects for the individual.  It is one of the most common exit times when an individual would finish up his/her life.  If you read the obituary columns you will find these common age groups–83-84 and 88-89.  Even though a normal blueprint is 120 years, many choose to exit prematurely around these two times.

Soul Cycle birthdays are times when the Soul gets through the personality and helps shape the thoughts and experiences.  It is also the time when all experiences and lessons are downloaded to the Soul’s “computer” so that it can be prepared to leave at any moment and take what it learned with it.  Remember you only can take with you what you learned.

If you are in a Soul Cycle, 7-year birthday, do take note of your intuition, gut feelings and need to make some type of change.  We are always at a point of choice so choose wisely.



4 responses to “Your Most Important Birthdays–what are they?”

  1. gail says:

    That is great when we can call our 80th birthday glorious. The 10 years following from 80 to 90 are considered Harvest Years. They should be fully engaged with life and modified work. If we made the decisions early on back at 63-64 for what and how we want to do this second half of our lives, we literally can take on a very productive life. It all depends on the vision you have for yourself. The condition for so many once they approach their early 60’s is to plan on retirement and a reduced life style. They slowly begin to age and focus on the body and fear.
    Keep up the attitude that you know what lifestyle you want moving forward and continue to look outward not down when you walk. Maintain the body, keep the core strong and it will take care of you for many years.

  2. MaryLou Thompson says:

    I just turned 80 on May 24…….that seems to be the most glorious birth date in our family
    …..any wise info?

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    The 70’s are not missing from the important years of a Soul Cycle. The ages of 70 and 77 are both important Soul Cycle ages. Remember, every 7th birthday starting at age 7 is a Soul Cycle birthday.

  4. Sharon says:

    Seems strange that the 70’s are missing entirely from “important” years of a soul cycle (or not mentioned in this blog). I know 28 was a key individuation cycle for me on my life path many years ago and it was interesting to see the ones you mention herein as significant. Thank you.

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