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America’s Immaturity is Showing - Feb 27, 2018

I used to compare the United States to a teenager. It doesn’t have much patience, is not always able to see the long view, can be loud and obnoxious, and is trying to create its own identity in a world that has established its own order. It’s not easy being a teenager. America also has a 5 life path which seeks and craves change and progress. Teenagers don’t like to go backwards. They are forward-thinking people for better or for worse. The latest school shooting in Florida has brought out this group of citizens and they don’t have the patience to wait any longer for gun control in America. They are a force in the United States and they cannot be underestimated. They are not going away and their group has caught fire. The NRA and the political figures who are sponsored by the NRA should be uncomfortable. Teenagers won’t be ignored. Teenagers grow up and vote and are experts with social media.

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Think and Prepare Like a Warrior - Feb 20, 2018

Many years ago I discovered an article written by John Perkins. I believe he was/is a karate instructor in New Jersey. He was very accomplished in his craft and was teachings rookie cops who had just gotten out of police academy. They had been taught the skills of a policeman but there was an ingredient that could not be taught at the police academy and that was how to train your mind to act in an immediate situation of dangerous chaos. The article was entitled “Think and Prepare Like a Warrior”. I believe he has written a book on self-defense and not the easy stuff taught by your local YMCA or gym. It is quite hard core.

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The Fatal Decision to Retire! - Feb 13, 2018

For the past 20 years I have been writing and speaking about the foolish notion of retirement. My old adage is that the Soul doesn’t come here to retire. It is a man-made construct and gives people the false sense that somehow they can stop working, planning, being productive and creating new careers. The Soul doesn’t come to earth to retire. It has a long blueprint even going out 120 years and some of the most productive years are from 60 onward. Finally, there are some statistics to support this thinking. Not only have we shortened our lives by planning on retirement, getting monies together so we can live on less, or have enough to last as long as we do–or not, heaven forbid; we begin to accept the deterioration of our health as if that should go along with our ideas about

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Did I really reincarnate to put up with this? - Feb 6, 2018

As we advance further into the Aquarian Age and away from the Piscean Age, the forces of change continue to push against the dying Age to birth the new. It has been happening for ions and it assists in the progress and evolution of the earth species. In our case, humans. Our Aquarian Age will only gather strength as new horizons open up for enlightenment, individual freedom, expansive use of the mind, a greater understanding of the “Source”, “God”. We are leaving an old Age of structure and form–rigid rule, rigid doctrine, rigid law. We have thought that God was eternal and sitting out there in the sky with a whip. Fear has been used as the teaching tool in the old Piscean Age. It was during this time that Christianity created “celestial monarchies” and institutionalized “guilt”. The church militants even sing about “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching Off to War”. It was for humans to begin to understand and discover that there is something beyond herself or himself and move away from the “sky God”.

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