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Did I really reincarnate to put up with this? - Feb 6, 2018

As we advance further into the Aquarian Age and away from the Piscean Age, the forces of change continue to push against the dying Age to birth the new. It has been happening for ions and it assists in the progress and evolution of the earth species. In our case, humans. Our Aquarian Age will only gather strength as new horizons open up for enlightenment, individual freedom, expansive use of the mind, a greater understanding of the “Source”, “God”. We are leaving an old Age of structure and form–rigid rule, rigid doctrine, rigid law. We have thought that God was eternal and sitting out there in the sky with a whip. Fear has been used as the teaching tool in the old Piscean Age. It was during this time that Christianity created “celestial monarchies” and institutionalized “guilt”. The church militants even sing about “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching Off to War”. It was for humans to begin to understand and discover that there is something beyond herself or himself and move away from the “sky God”.

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