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Did I really reincarnate to put up with this?

As we advance further into the Aquarian Age and away from the Piscean Age, the forces of change continue to push against bigstock--196232251the dying Age to birth the new.  It has been happening for ions and it assists in the progress and evolution of the earth species.  In our case, humans.  Our Aquarian Age will only gather strength as new horizons open up for enlightenment, individual freedom, expansive use of the mind, a greater understanding of the “Source”, “God”.  We are leaving an old Age of structure and form–rigid rule, rigid doctrine, rigid law.  We have thought that God was eternal and sitting out there in the sky with a whip.  Fear has been used as the teaching tool in the old Piscean Age.  It was during this time that Christianity created “celestial monarchies” and institutionalized “guilt”.  The church militants even sing about “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching Off to War”.   It was for humans to begin to understand and discover that there is something beyond herself or himself and move away from the “sky God”.

In our Aquarian Age we begin to recognize that the Source is not just out there but is also internal and everywhere.  We also begin to question our own time here on earth.  Why would I be here now?  Did I live before?  What happens at death? You seem familiar, why? Do I believe in karma?  What am I doing with these parents, siblings etc.?  If I have lived before, was it here on earth or someplace else?  Why do bad things happen to such nice people?  Why do nasty or difficult people seem to only gain in strength and power?  I could write an entire book on just questions over reincarnation and the conditions under which we return.  There are answers to these questions but a few underlying principles need to be understood.  I would also recommend the teachings of June Burke to learn more about the reincarnation process.  I also recommend Ishwar Puri and his YouTube videos for more knowledge of the afterlife.

June Burke would remind you that the “Divine Law of Cause and Effect is the reason that reincarnation exists.  You are the Cause.  Every statement, everything you think and do has a reaction and that reaction comes to you.”  The development of your potential will be according to your free will.  You actually weave your own net and “catch yourself in it.”  You do come in with a plan and you might as well deal with it rather than procrastinate and put it off for another lifetime.  For example, if you have come in this lifetime to grow your self-esteem, then all through this lifetime you will be working towards believing in your self, trusting yourself, working with your potential and actually putting it to use.   Your destiny, as are all of our destinies, is to grow in balance and rhythm with the universal laws.  These universal laws are the “grid work of your universe and which are God’s creation.”  June Burke

Today, our society is actually a hot house of experience, emotions, learning and growing.  It can seem painful and scary and very uncertain.  Remember that every moment of your life you are either creating or not creating karma.  At any given moment in your life, you can create debts which you will then need to work out karmically later.   There is nothing wrong in making a mistake.  “There is something wrong if you are not willing to do something about it.”

Today, a very upfront issue is abortion.  What happens to that soul that was going to enter this woman?  Even the Catholic church allowed abortions up to the 5th month of pregnancy.  This was changed by edict around 1858.  All man made laws change, it just takes time.  The soul would return to the world of spirit and await another assignment, another body.  The soul is not destroyed, cannot be destroyed and is never lost.  When the Mother first feels life, from that point on the soul is present.  We punish, blame, guilt, shame and kill women who have abortions.  Yet the soul itself moves on.  Eventually, as we become more aware and conscious of our “judgment”, laws change, cultures change and rigid religious dogmas fade.  It just takes time.  “Judgment” is really the kiss of death for all of us.  We are learning to drop judgment and to stop panicking in this world of appearance.  Begin to learn that no matter where you are or what is happening, you are fine.



6 responses to “Did I really reincarnate to put up with this?”

  1. Coleen says:

    Thank you so much Gail! During the last presidential election process, it became obvious to me that many women felt compelled to vote republican for the sole purpose of avoiding supporting legal abortion. I learned long ago, from a channeled source, that the soul does not enter the body permanently until after 3 months. After an episode of The Young Pope in which it was disclosed that the Catholic Church had always taught (their leaders, not the public) that the soul does not enter the fetus until after 3 months in the womb, I wrote to Pope Francis and begged him to tell the world the truth about this matter which is so very divisive in society, and creating so much needless shame and guilt. It didn’t happen, but at least I tried.

  2. MBS says:

    I learned that abortion causes the soul to find another body to incarnate into several years ago. The idea brings great comfort to many. I love how you connect it to our need to drop judgement. Beautiful!

  3. Debbie says:

    Loved It. Thank You.

  4. Gail, This is beautiful. Bless you for reminding us that we are here at our right time because as some of us, including me, feel so discouraged about what is going on, it is wonderful to be reminded that we are here at our perfect time and for the perfect reason.
    Happy Belated Birthday. I am looking forward to seeing you at the Orange County event on March 4th.

  5. Rev. Lowell K. Smith says:

    This is a subject that I feel is fundamental to understanding WHO we are. And the death of babies or fetuses has always been shown to me as either that Spirit has decided that situation have changed and that Soul decides to leave (Infant Death Syndrome) or the Mother and fetus decide that time is not correct and the mother decides to seek an abortion. The physical expression (fetus, zygote, or baby) dies — the life force leave, but their Spirit remains “whole” and simply awaits another opportunity to incarnate in through another physical expression. So “Did I really reincarnate to put up with this?”, the answer is yes but not at a conscious level. John Van Auken, a Director at A.R.E. often says in his lectures, “Where was I when this decision was made?” and then laughs.

  6. lors says:

    Thank you for this, Gail
    What is the title of the book by June Burke?

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