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The contagion of crudeness - Oct 21, 2017

Now even George Bush is referring to the growing bullying and nativism that is growing across America. He is tiptoeing around the tulips when he refuses to say Donald Trump’s name but we do know who he is referring to in his recent speech. I have always said that fish stinks from the head down so we do have to look at the top. This is the standard bearer for the country just as it would be for the head of household, head of a corporation and heads of organizations.

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The Secrets of Sound–Watch Your Words - Oct 11, 2017

As the world gets noisier and the words gets more coarse and loud, we act as if we haven’t a clue as to the effect these sounds are playing on our psyche and lives. You could say in a word that we are creating our own madness. We continue to do this because we are so very disconnected from the ancient knowledge of creation and how it creates.

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I went to a concert in Vegas and I never came home - Oct 5, 2017

For all our plans and all our dreams and all our anxieties, this is how quickly you can leave here. In the twinkling of an eye you have completed this particular journey. We all stand shocked, angered, bewildered and mystified as to how someone could do this dastardly deed. Yet, we remain very disconnected from the invisible world of reality. We want to fix this outside of this invisible world. We will pray, light candles and say the same things we always say and then it will happen again. We don’t know when or where or with whom. It will probably be a man, not a woman, it will probably be a loner or a person with an axe to grind and we will light more candles, call the person evil, keep some more vigils and say some more prayers. We will wonder why but then we will go back to the same way of living. Vegas will return to its rhythm, people will bury the dead and the maimed will live a life of pain and doctor visits. Family members will grieve forever and they will be forgotten by the public

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