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The contagion of crudeness

Now even George Bush is referring to the growing bullying and nativism that is growing across America.  He is tiptoeing Tea Party Express Holds Rally In Detroitaround the tulips when he refuses to say Donald Trump’s name but we do know who he is referring to in his recent speech.  I have always said that fish stinks from the head down so we do have to look at the top.  This is the standard bearer for the country just as it would be for the head of household, head of a corporation and heads of organizations.

Political leaders are now more emboldened to be outrageous in their statements and it becomes a merry war of saying falsehoods, contradictions and vulgarities.  Even though politics has always been sort of a blood sport, there is now more fuel on the fire with social media and large amounts of money using a candidate as a front for powerful individuals and corporations.  The trend now is for very wealthy men to run for office.  You can watch this phenomena grow across the States.  Incumbents bend the truth to try to stay in office when faced with an opponent with a wall of money.  It only feeds the fire of say anything to get attention and get social media coverage.

The bullying and crudeness of the last campaign and the bullying and crudeness of the leader in office is not going away.  This trend will continue to pick up speed and allow the outrageous, madness and intimidation to seep into other parts of our society.  It seems okay to lie and blame others for imagining the truth.  It seems somehow everything has gotten louder or we have gotten louder.  The coarseness of the current times seems to be almost a test to see how much we will tolerate until we say enough.

How much division in the society is enough?  How much blame is enough? How much self-righteousness is enough?  How much power are we willing to compromise?  How much fear do we want to experience?

One thing for sure, these times will not last.  We will move past these chaotic, exhausting times but we will have to call it ourselves.  We brought this upon ourselves and we will have to clean it up ourselves and learn how to heal ourselves from deep seated anger, resentment, fear and victimhood.   We need to stop living in the past and be actively creating a better future.   I have been saying since 2008 that this long transit isn’t over until 2024 and now you see why.  We are a long way from healing ourselves and joining together in Washington to lead this country to its promised land.  This, too, shall pass but not before we have some more agony.  Between the time of where we are today or “here”  to where we want to be considered “there”, our enemy will be the opportunity to self-sabotage.


6 responses to “The contagion of crudeness”

  1. Coleen says:

    Thank you again Gail! Your writings continue to help me navigate the chaos and keep my head above water. Bless you!

  2. debbie says:

    its is sad we have to go down or been down this rough path and will continue. There had to be a shake up to wake all up.

  3. Gail Minogue says:

    Hi Michele, Joan and Jude,
    Thank you for writing and for posting directly. I love it when people share. The end is really back to unity and to understand we are all tied to the whole.

  4. michele schwartz says:

    Great Read! Thanks Gail Your insight and direction much appreciated!

  5. Joan says:

    Beautifully said Gail.
    T. is our mirror and we don’t like what we see.
    When we realize we need to heal it ourselves, we can begin to return to being human.
    We’re all in this together – for better or worse.
    Thank you for your inspiring insights – I so appreciate you.

  6. Jude says:

    I know the truth in what you say. I hold for the uprising of consciousness to be more in an immediate future so that we can see where the lines are drawn as guidance. We are creatures of regulations and boundaries.

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