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The Secrets of Sound–Watch Your Words

As the world gets noisier and the words become more coarse and loud, we act as if we haven’t a clue as to the effect these sounds LOUD NOISE TO CHILDare playing on our psyche and lives.  You could say in a word that we are creating our own madness.  We continue to do this because we are so very disconnected from the  ancient knowledge of creation and how it creates.

In the beginning there was the word.  We have heard this famous line from the Bible and other ancient text but we pay no attention.  It goes on to  say that “the word became flesh” meaning it took form from the word.  The universe was created from sound.  Certain sounds produced differing sets of vibrations in the ether.  These sound vibrations continue to create our world, your world and your life.  It is said that ancient indigenous people actually saw the shapes produced in the ether by sounds.  They represented these shapes as the letters of their alphabet.  Most words and sounds of the early languages actually controlled and represented that which they expressed.  Think about that for a moment.  This is how powerful your words are.

Vera Stanley Alder in her book “The Finding of the Third Eye” says that “People who are obliged to listen day after day to sounds which are a discordant offense to nature’s laws will inevitably become sick or depleted, and soon be suffering from one of those innumerable nerve complaints which are the order of the day”.  The only way to counteract these bad effects would be by healing your nerves with soothing harmonies or with short periods of silence.  The ancients knew how to heal themselves using sound.  They knew that each of us has a key note or chord for ourselves.  By playing this note over gently to yourself you can help the healing.

Instead, what do we listen to?  Awful sounds of people yelling at each other, terrible radio programs, particularly extreme radio hosts, shouting angry voices to their listeners.  Vulgar, loud words at rallies such as “lock her up” and worse.  One reason Americans are worn down right now is they are blasted by continual discordant sounds from opinion makers and her leaders.  There is much bluster and hyperbole  heard on a continuous basis.  It is said that ugly and obscene words will create ugly and obscene incidences in society.  Harsh, monotonous and ugly sounds produce these same experiences created by the sounds.  Have you noticed how much louder the restaurants are?  Dining itself can be a shouting experience.

An interesting sidebar to sound is in listening to a person’s voice.  It really gives the person away.  It is very important to listen to the sound of your own voice.  Does it jar upon other people’s nerves?  Those who live in accordance with higher or divine laws will have a melodious, pleasing voice.  There is even an exercise where you can go off by yourself and speak your own first name into the ethers in a gentle way.  Say it over and over.  It will act as a receiving station in the ethers to the powers which can act through the name.

Overall, can you imagine what the sound of war is doing to humanity?  This is a universal problem and affects those who go to war, those who watch war and those who around the sounds of the weapons of war.  Humanity cannot heal without a change in sounds we hear.  Hardly anyone is addressing this problem.  We keep looking at climate change, which is wonderful, but we need to be very careful of what we say, how we sound and what we listen to.  Sound is the basis of creation.  What we and our leaders are putting out into the ethers is returning to us all.  Do you like what you hear and experience?

A healthful recommendation is to avoid inharmonious noises and excessive talk.  Sing often “aiming more for rhythm and resonance than loudness and high notes.  Continue to study your own voice to get insight into your own character.”    Watch and guard your words and always remember they are creating good or evil into the ether which will take form and deliver what you have sent out.  You may feel you do not deserve what is happening to you but always remember what have you said in the past that has created your present.

Remember most wisdom is delivered to you in complete silence.






12 responses to “The Secrets of Sound–Watch Your Words”

  1. Coleen says:

    What a wonderful reminder! As noted above, I too have been having issues with watching the news, but I simply cannot feel good about ignoring it all. However, I have found a great workaround which makes a huge difference energetically. I simply record it and play back at my convenience which keeps me from being drawn in to the prevailing energies when the show is live. The bonus is I can zip thru the commercials and watch the whole program in half the time! Thank you Gail! We all need to be more conscious of the energy we wield with our words!

  2. Barbara says:

    Beautifully written, I so resonate with what you’ve said Gail. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You have explained why I find Rap “music” so repugnant – it is filled with ugly and angry words. I wonder how Richard Gere fared with his spiritual practices after using the “f” word so often in some of his movie scripts? Eye-opening article once again. Thank you Gail!

  4. Jude says:

    I love going to the movies and locking myself away in an artificial cocoon for a couple of hours. I love most every kind of movie from Adventure to Romance to Sci Fi. However lately I have noticed that I must surround myself with calm. I cannot see any movies that exude brutality and unkindness. I am waking to the softness of the fountain, the sound of the birds and even the trail of a lone car on a Sunday morning. I have not even been able to watch Lawrence O’Donald or Rachel Maddow as the news is like being socked in the stomach and a masochist I am not.
    Sounds of Silence are key…it’s where the true answers await us anyway.

    Thank you for the share as always!

  5. Janice Convery says:

    The American diplomats whose hearing was reportedly injured while in Cuba reminds me of how marine mammals’ ability to communicate, navigate, and live, is impaired by the sounds we humans put in the oceans–particularly the blasts from oil and gas exploration activities, and the navy’s sonar and bombardments. It strikes me that it’s coming back to us humans who originated these noises.

    There is a book just out by Sakyong Mipham entitled The Lost Art of Good Conversation that, I would imagine, skillfully explores and offers tips along the lines of being impeccable with your word (and that phrase I borrow from Don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four Agreements).

    Good call, Gail. Very necessary and important topic.

  6. Elaine Sonne says:

    Morning Gail. This article is wonderful! I needed a wake up call about sound and silence. Thank you. I’ve never heard of the practice of saying your name softly into the ethers. Fascinating. I need to check that out. Stay well.

  7. Terry says:

    Lovely reminder. Thanks Gail!

  8. Chris Foutris says:

    Always wonderful and insightful, Gail. Thank you.
    On a different angle, have you heard about how several American diplomats have been sent back to the US from Cuba suffering from hearing loss or actual brain damage while in Havana? Apparently someone (my money is on the Russians, actually) has planted devices (as yet not found by our FBI) in hotels and embassies that affected these people. The Cubans offered to look with our FBI, but were rebuffed.
    Perhaps this is a new warfare…yipes.

  9. William Dawson says:

    By William T. Dawson
    I carry A Stone to remind me of how frozen words can be
    How they can imprison a soul and cripple a child.
    I carry a water bucket to wash the Stone clean
    And grind it down so that all that speaks is Original Wisdom.
    I carry A Rose to birth The Love of Thought
    That cracks the Stone
    So we can Breath.

  10. My mother used to quote an adage attributed to Confuscious: “It is better to remain silent and appear wise than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

  11. Gail Minogue says:

    Yes, thank you Dick. That would be great.

  12. dick tippett says:

    May we repost this on the WCC website?

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