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I went to a concert in Vegas and I never came home

“It flows through all things, inside and outside, and returns to the origin of all things.” Tao Te Ching

For all our plans and all our dreams and all our anxieties,  this is how quickly you can leave here.  In the twinkling of an eyeSCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, GERMANY - JULY 31: Crowd of people at Wacken you have completed this particular journey.  We all stand shocked, angered, bewildered and mystified as to how someone could do this dastardly deed.  Yet, we remain very disconnected from the invisible world of reality.  We want to fix this outside of this invisible world.  We will pray, light candles and say the same things we always say and then it will happen again.  We don’t know when or where or with whom.  It will probably be a man, not a woman, it will probably be a loner or a person with an axe to grind and we will light more candles, call the person evil, keep some more vigils and say some more prayers.  We will wonder why but then we will go back to the same way of living.   Vegas will return to its rhythm, people will bury the dead and the maimed will live a life of pain and doctor visits.  Family members will grieve forever and they will be forgotten by the public.

Some day in the great future beyond today, we will care about humans as a whole and not as a separate entity.  We will see ourselves connected and wounded personally as each of us is wounded.  We will become personally involved in the welfare of each other and we will treat each other as we do ourselves.  The newspaper might say something like Bob Jones, one of us, died today.  They won’t mention what he did for a living until near the end of the article.  We won’t care what he did for a living.  He was one of us and we care because we are intimately connected to each other.  We just don’t understand that yet.  We are not ready to love one another as we love ourselves.  Actually, some of us don’t love ourselves because we are so disconnected from the source of our own divinity and power.

We have never learned the unity of all message.  We don’t know yet that when we leave here we return to the whole.  Each religion professes to unite their followers but the very fact that there are different faiths and practices only strengthens the differences of each of us rather than unites us.  We sing the hymns, we say the prayers, we profess the community of person hood and then we experience the backlash of beliefs.  Our politicians play on our differences, our religious leaders perpetuate laws that have been written long ago by men who could control the masses and play  to their ignorance.  There are some wonderful leaders in various systems of our society and yet we continue with a pecking order of who’s on top and penalize those with lower rank.  The latest pawn is Puerto Rico.  How much is she worth fixing?

We are still very self-centered beings.  The “I”dominates everything.  We are on the brink of a new stage of development where unselfishness is taking shape.  We see it in glimmers with a new generation of young adults who live in more of a sharing economy and are less interested in man-made religions.  How many thousands of years will it take for this policy to take shape.  As we enter the Aquarian Age in which the focus is on the mind and the masses, we should begin to eliminate the divisive calls from our leaders.  The class that has perpetuated the separation of humans by color, religion, political party, nationality and money will die off–literally.  For a while there will be their offspring and their followers but they will die off or change as well.  We are generations away from where we care about our neighbor as we do ourselves but one by one it is starting.  Our last Aquarian Age was 34,000 years ago.  What happened?  We are coming out of the dark ages at last and we will begin to care and act upon it.

I could easily say I went to Trader Joe’s and I never came home.  Someday, each of us will experience a leaving of this place.  Since we do not know the day or the hour, live every moment as if you could leave.  What and how would you think and behave and what changes would you make to your life?  The invisible world is real.  It is more powerful than the IRS or childbirth.  It knows all and sees all and works to bring about new creations.  If you are to leave at an appointed hour, you will.  While we the living are still here to help and understand how to create with our thoughts, it behooves us to know the invisible laws and work with the higher ones.  Your choice is the situation we have now and will have again because we did nothing to help change the conditions.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Gail – your message and some of those who replied touched me to my core. Thank you.
    In Oneness, Thank you All . . .

  2. Becky says:

    This is wonderful and easy for anyone to understand if they try. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t live this dawning. I’m just sad that it is seeming to take a while to come to the ones who truly need the healing.

  3. Sharon says:

    I hope I live to see the days that you describe, Gail. Very astute observations both currently, as well as what our future hopefully holds.

    I appreciate this excerpt from Carolyn Myss’ blog, which describes what I’ve been feeling about the soul of America.
    As Abraham Lincoln so wisely said, “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.”…in our hearts and souls, we know that.
    We feel that fear in our souls, most of all. We are suffering a soul sickness – perhaps soul shock or soul numbness.
    Who is out there to inspire the souls of Americans? When is the last time Americans have heard someone speak soul words of inspiration and wisdom?
    We must “Make American WHOLE again.” We must retrieve our soul. It is shattered and fragmented from decades of fear.
    And we cannot tolerate – we must not tolerate – the deliberate, calculated strategies to keep us drugged, shattered, and divided any longer.
    Politicians are right: Guns are not the problem – THEY ARE!

  4. William Dawson says:

    I have for the past 35 plus years been warning people of what is to come. No one has taken my heed and I mean NO ONE.
    “Art is to console those who are broken by life.” ― Vincent van Gogh
    “Mankind Has Never Legislated Kindness, Yet It Has A History Of Enacting Lawlessness”…Wm.T. Dawson
    “A House Divided Will Fall” Abraham Lincoln
    “In the Eye of The Creator….In The Void of The Void….There is No Belief.
    There is Balance and A Blank Page”….Wm.T. Dawson
    “Scientists strive to discover The Void of Voids and explain their findings with dissected logic whereas The Poet lives in The Void and utters illogical thoughts painted with meaningless wonder, wondering whether The Scientist will ever Arrive at Oneness”….Wm.T. Dawson
    There is NO HEALING in this country….

    The following piece is one of the first pieces in which I began channeling the voice of God. It is taken from a story I started writing when my world cratered in Houston Texas in 1980 when there was anywhere between 35-70,000 people relocating to town a month. At the time I still had not discovered that I was a Highly Sensitive Person. I titled the story The Life and Times of General Noswad. General Noswad being a social worker who did not know how to read or write who has a twin brother, Brother “Tom Ass”, a primitive abstract artist. Just Bill is The General’s Adjunct and letter writer. Its message seems more fitting today tough.

    ( written April 1981 while living in Temple Texas )

    Dear White Man:

    I’m going back to my people now and I realize it will be many moons before I can return. TOO angry with your ways. I’m going home to my people, The Navajo, The Sioux, The Blackfoot, The Mohawk, The Comanche, The Arapaho, The Hopi….My people hear me coming. The Earth speaks. The People of The Land and I will organize my people and we will rise up Hand in Hand. The White Man is in trouble….they have forgotten the Old Ways….they are trapped and they will be crushed. We must teach them the Old Ways….Ways of Trust….Ways when talking leaves not talk….civil war is amongst….we must rise to the challenge….The earth speaks White Man not understand power.

    Rise up, lift your heads high be not afraid you are Warrior of the Earth, Mother of the Earth….they as warrior and mother of talking leaves. White Man is in trouble….He not feed the world. We plant seed make his leaves.

    We go on War Path with our knowledge….our ways….we teach White Man balance, beauty, brotherhood….our time has come to rise up….we lead this time they follow Old Ways….US.

    This knowledge we have we sell trade to White Man not give away. We know how to fight, we not dumb, we wait to win war. Fight “Pretty War” show White Man Balance….Beauty….Brotherhood….the Brotherhood of Ying and the Sisterhood of Yang.

    They are led by warriors, warriors win battles and lose wars….we are led by Chiefs, we lose battles long time, we now win war. White Man’s chiefs are silenced. Warrior speaks now. Rise up for Old Feeble Blind Men, Deaf Widows, Frightened Squaws and Dead Trust control Talking Leaves.

    White Man has opening in talking leaves swift silent arrow will tap their shoulder….they will learn to honor spoken word again. Listen to the Wind. The Wind will keep the leaves open….Listen.

    General Noswad

    Cc: Chief Rattle Snake
    Hidden Chief

  5. Gail,
    Thank you for your straight talk. It is insane that our society does not have the interest or “where-with-all” to continuously put forth the effort to identify individuals with the potential mindset to so such dastardly deeds as were done in Las Vegas. Our “freedom” and independence have become sacrosanct thus preventing “society” from being able to even begin to identify individuals like the Las Vegas shooter, and then “work with them” and help them see that their behavior(s) do not and will not give them the sense of importance and sense of belonging that their actions are calling out for.
    Only on “the other side” will they be able to recognize that they have to take complete responsibility for every word, thought and action they they expressed, and then “experience” on a personal level all of the pain (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual) that they caused in their lifetime. May God have mercy on their soul.

  6. I have been hoping that we were closer to “tipping point” on unity consciousness and love of the whole than what you are describing. White Eagle talks about “Keep on keeping on. “ In the midst of so much pain we need to keep encouraging and supporting each other in being the Light in the midst of so much darkness.

  7. Glory Kissel Heyde says:

    Dear Gail – Spot on article. Yes, yes, yes, and thanks for the reminder.

  8. Debbie says:

    If you want to know the real reason nothing changes, it’s because most people feel helpless, when they are going against people like George Soros & all his bought & paid for politicians, leaders, countries, etc.
    Him & his kind, want a One World Order, where you will do as you are allowed…and most of the sheeple…are buying right into it.
    These people are The Dark !
    This man in Las Vegas, was just a patsy, for them.
    Question, Question, Question…
    Do Not Believe what the nightly news feeds you.
    What Can You Do Know ?
    Think Outside The Box….
    What you see & are being fed….is not always the truth…rarely it is.

  9. Kayce says:

    Beautifully said Gail, gives lots to pause and think about how can we start connecting more to others no matter how different they are from us. It is time to look at the differences as something to educate ourselves with, perhaps by not accepting their views but allowing them to have them. We can find those we agree with and that is always a treat but it is time to make room for those that are different as well. Maybe we can speak up and tell our side of the story and they may not agree but at least we are brave enough to voice our position on a situation of interest. Time to let go of our fears of others and strange views about our world. If a person is deranged as in the case of the Las Vegas situation we cannot align with his views, however we can realize that somewhere and somehow he did not get the love or understanding he needed. Maybe if we begin to treat children better and teach them to value other children that are different than them by looks or point of views we can make a beginning to cease the bullying that children feel so necessary to engage in.

  10. Andrea says:

    You wrote a very bold and powerful piece, Gail. You wrote the “stuff” that most won’t say. I’m glad for what you wrote and it’s a warning to all of us to WAKE UP! Thank you for sharing them with us. Yes, it’s about US, not ME.

  11. Elaine Sonne says:

    Perfect letter for this moment. Thank you.

  12. Joan says:

    Spot on Gail-
    I always look forward to your views on this upside-down world we have created…which
    is all in divine right order.
    Thank you yet again for such an encompassing view of life.
    I value your insights and appreciate your on-point approach.
    Deep gratitude

  13. Camille Leon says:

    Gail, your call to action is clear and I love your vision of a better humanity.

    We are doing something to advance enlightenment through the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

    We are bringing like-minded and like-hearted professionals and practitioners together. We are doing business with each other in order to connect our values with our money and vice versa.

    There is no need to wait. Let’s come together and create our future now!

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