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Earthquakes and Mother Nature

Earthquakes and Mother Nature

Earthquakes and Mother Nature

Earthquakes and Mother Nature

Humans and Mother Nature are at it again.  We just seem to think it is new and special to our generation.  It isn’t.  Long before the earthquake in Japan and its subsequent tsunami, we had lost cities and entire nations.   History books are full of ancient cities and nations that have been lost to cataclysmic events.   Most of these were probably beyond control of human intervention.  It would be definitely smarter, however, to stop putting heavily populated areas at the foot of volcanoes or building houses on the cliffs over the edge of the sea.  Are we getting smarter, complacent or sloppy?

The tsunami was an event that we had no control over.  If the earth wants to move it will.  If we are going to use nuclear power, is it smart to build it in a heavily earthquake prone area and then not monitor it well so that the maximum protection is provided in case of the earthquake?

The Law of Unintended Consequences

In life there is always an unseen parallel force that runs right along with the seen force.  We call this unintended consequences.  This force or law is always at work and is the bane of many good ideas.  For instance, for the past two years the airlines have been charging for checking your luggage.  This used to be a free service as part of your ticket price.  Once this became standard for most airlines, individuals started carrying on more luggage to save the extra fee of checking the bags.  Sounds good so far???  Well, now, it seems the Homeland Security Department is paying about $260,000,000 a years more to cover the costs of more personnel to check all these carry-ons.  Now Homeland Security wants to charge this to the airlines.  If all this goes through, guess who will pay more for flying.  You are right, you will.

Here’s another unintended consequence based on a true story–a rural town in the Northeast decided to clean up one of its nearby lakes that had gone dead due to pollution and chemicals.  The townspeople drained it and cleaned it up.  All went well and they were able to restock the lake.  It was beautiful and a real destination for people to enjoy its scenery.  One day, however, a truck carrying toxic chemicals traveled the road around the lake and was unable to navigate one of the turns on the road.  It crashed and fell over spilling out all the chemicals into the lake.  Voila, the lake again became polluted and died.

The Moral of This Story

The moral of these stories is that life is filled with unintended consequences.  Whether it is Pompeii or Japan, we can try to minimize the potential hazard but there are many things we do not take into consideration.  Certainly for all our technological advancements, we inevitably must rely on the human factor.

Where do we need to exhibit extra care and caution before we enter into decisions with Mother Nature.?  Remember, she always bats last and bats 1,000.  What will be the consequences of all the bombing in the Middle East?   It has been going on for generations and is only increasing.  How will Mother Nature react?

Mother Nature cleans up earth by fires, floods, earthquakes, volanoes and tsunamis.  This is one way she clears the earth of the negativity.  She also is able to get rid of her “drones”– people who continue to reincarnate on earth but don’t or won’t grow here.

As we enter into more advanced phases of technology through this Aquarian Age, we will rely more and more on technology for a great deal of our behavior.  Keep in  mind the law of unintended consequences.  Technology is not the panacea for everything.  We will continue to grow in the use of our minds and mind control and we will have to think more for ourselves.  Never assume, use technology wisely and well.

The earthquake/tsunami event was a warning to us all that we are playing with a player who cannot lose.  Mother Nature will always be the x-factor and we must truly respect her and work with her.  She, in the end, is the final word.

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  1. :mrgreen::twisted::roll::lol:As a co-major in science, I have watched people make fools of themselves and defy our beloved Mother Nature. with natural gas and “fracking”as the latest stupidity, bringing earthquakes to the surrounding area. When will we ever learn? I hope praying helps her to survive with all the kicks she gets over and over.

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