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Election Fog Still Holds with Clinton Win - Oct 31, 2016

Gosh, it is definitely a dramatic ending to a long-winded and tiring election. Now we have Anthony Weiner emails. Is this not truly theater? Is it reality TV? Is Hillary Clinton still the winning candidate after all the latest news about her assistant’s emails and the expensive Obama Care negatives? My answer is still yes.

Hillary’s aspects and transits improved after the first few days of October. They continued until about the beginning of the last week in October. At this time, she would go into a turmoil period which will be ending a few days before the election. At that time, she will regain momentum, about November 5th. At the time her momentum is regained, Trump’s fades.

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Even After Election It Will Keep Churning - Oct 11, 2016

I think it is safe to say that we all want this election to be over. It’s way too long and it seems to get more nasty on a daily basis. We Americans were birthed in volatile campaigns so this is not a new phenomena. It is only new for a generation. If you study the Jefferson campaign, this looks tame. Besides, we would miss the real meaning of this campaign. We have two candidates who are representatives of our transitional period. During this transition, we must make changes to the status quo and this is what it looks like.

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