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Even After Election It Will Keep Churning

I think it is safe to say that we all want this election to be over.  It’s way too long and  it seems to get more nasty on a daily basis.  We Americans were birthed in volatile campaigns so this is not a new phenomena.  It is only new for a generation.  If you study the Jefferson campaign, this looks tame.  Besides, we would miss the real meaning of this campaign.  We have two candidates who are representatives of our transitional period.  During this transition, we must make changes to the status quo and this is what it looks like.

Trump was really not about becoming a President as he was to change the face of the Republican Party.  He is doing that and so I would say that he is doing his job.  Sometimes it has to get so outrageous to finally make a change.  It took sound bite after sound bite to finally get to the worst sound bite to activate the grenade.  If you hear the news today, he is talking about going it alone without the Republican backing.  Fabulous stuff to watch and the Republican Party is changed forever.

Hillary’s job was to be the transition person from the male dominated leadership into the beginning of influential female leadership.  As I have said before, she represents a strong female/male quality.  I would call her more conservative than most democrats and certainly more hawkish than Obama.  She can be socially progressive but underneath will be the conservative.  She is a lightening  rod for opinions but she can stand the heat.  She has been trained to do this.

I have often thought  what would happen if the roles were reversed and we had a Donna Trump who was married 3 times, hit

Time Won't Wait

Time Won’t Wait

on all the males she could and  used vulgar language and a Harry Clinton, hard working, tenacious and secretive.   Let’s pretend they are reading the same script but in different genders. Would we blow Donna Trump out of the water and support Harry Clinton, especially if he had experienced a wayward wife who chased pants when she was in the presidential office?  What a skit this would make on SNL.   Would this qualify as a double standard?

As America goes through this huge transition that began officially in 2008 and continues until 2024, she must understand that just because she had the election on November 8th, America will still have tend to her knitting.  She will, through pressure from the Trump supporters and the Bernie supporters attend to areas of governing that have been neglected.  We did really favor the 1% and we really did ignore West Virginia.  But, we can’t go back and all use coal just because we can.  It’s like saying, okay, I’ll give up the car and get out the horse-drawn buggy.  You can’t go back–except maybe for Dorothy.  We are a nation that is becoming more and more homogenized.  Our skin is turning from freckles to lightly tanned.  There are those, mostly Trump supporters, who feel left out of the system, are less educated (less college degrees) and very angry.  These are the Brexit people.  They may vote against their own best interests just to make a point.

After this election is over, the exposure that has been brought to the surface in the form of Wells Fargo’s flagrant disregard for its customers, huge jumps in drug prices, monopolies in almost all industries and indifference to the middle class will continue.  It will be a tumultuous 8 years.  The bedroom habits of corporations and governing bodies sleeping with  large lobby groups, and having them write our laws, is going to become even more glaring.  No matter how much you would like to keep it private, you won’t be able to.

Get out the popcorn, put your feet up and watch the show.  It’s not over until the fat lady sings and nobody is singing.  I’m still waiting to see if Donald Trump has a sense of humor.  I never hear him laugh or hear about him laughing.  He is a good actor though.  The whole thing has a theatrical ring about it.  Hopefully, we all start to become more involved in the process rather than just the audience watching the show.

8 responses to “Even After Election It Will Keep Churning”

  1. Pamela Hale says:

    Thank you, Gail. I love the humor in this! It’s surely a Shakespearean tragicomedy, and I agree that Trumpty Dumpty has played an important role. Now I think he’s falling off that big wall he loves, and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men aren’t going to be able to put him back together again. But you’re right that they will feel betrayed and continue to be angry. And all of us do need to dig in an insist on those changes. I’m waiting eagerly for the SNL skit…

  2. Dick Tippett says:

    Interesting gender twist—a male Hillary and a female Donald. That really gave me pause for thought. I think we’ve really had enough male Hillarys over the past 28 years, but i’m not entirely sure about a female Donald. Even if all of her ex-husbands did still work for herjust as the real Donald’s ex-wives do.

  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you for an excellent and insightful blog, Gail. You always make such good points from a higher and long range perspective. It is heartening to see how things are playing out in divine timing for the feminine aspect to finally come into being.

    We have been living in the leap during this roller coaster and polarizing presidential election and I’m sure glad we’re in the homestretch. Knowing there is a higher order operating behind the chaos is comforting. We all are an important part in this process of evolving our country and our world.

  4. Dawn D Fleming says:

    I finally got the courage and posted an “Enough!” post to FB last friday – WOW! Such intolerance for the beliefs of others who do not agree :-0 One lady mentioned that she “notice pervasive spelling errors from the Trump supporters” hmmm. Honestly I did not, but when I looked closer – she was exactly right. Just sayin’…

  5. Carol says:

    Fantastic post, Gail. Thank you! The higher perspective takes a lot of the anxiety away. I’m an astrologer and I agree that 2024 is the real change year. The transition is not for the faint of heart! I deeply appreciate your work. Many Blessings❤️

  6. Claire says:

    Yes! Thank You Debbie and Jan! I am also annoyed by this “less educated” description of Trump supporters. What a shame. Why the label? Besides, most people are not college graduates. But that does not describe me, or my friends with degrees who will be supporting Mr. Trump on Nov. 8th. Gail….love your posts, and newsletter…and book! Thanks!

  7. Jan says:

    Thank you, Debbie. I am highly educated as are many of my friends. Saying that Trump supporters are less educated is insulting and is a myth perpetrated by our corrupt media. You will be hearing a lot more about media corruption in the next few days via emails released by Wikileaks.

  8. Debbie says:

    Why is it that everyone thinks that Trump, supporters are less educated ?
    Where do people get this from ?
    I’m just asking as almost all the people I have met (where I live now & from the area, I use to live in & that have stated they support Mr. Trump) are all highly educated with four year degrees to M.D.’s.
    Thank You, Debbie

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