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Election Fog Still Holds with Clinton Win

Gosh, it is definitely a dramatic ending to a long-winded and tiring election.  Now we have Anthony Weiner emails.  Is this not

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

truly theater?  Is it reality TV?  Is Hillary Clinton still the winning candidate after all the latest news about her assistant’s emails and the expensive Obama Care negatives?  My answer is still yes.

Hillary’s aspects and transits improved after the first few days of October.  They continued until about the beginning of the last week in October.  At this time, she will go into a turmoil period which will be ending a few days before the election.  At that time, she will regain momentum, about November 5th.  At the time her momentum is regained, Trump’s fades.

Of course, some earth shattering event can take place at any time but at this writing, including the latest FBI news, she will cross the finish line first.  Governing the country, and all that  will involve with the first female president, will continue the transformation that is taking place inside the United States.  It is normal when the United States is going through great periods of change to have great upheaval in the population.  Doris Kearns Goodwin, the wonderful writer and historian, tells us that Teddy Roosevelt back in 1912 created the primary system we have today.  The race was so vitriolic that it sounds like today.  During that race Republican candidate Taft called Roosevelt a “pinhead” and Roosevelt called Taft a “dictator”.  At the time the New York Times said “if this is the first attempt at the primary system, we sincerely hope it’s the last”.  Also remember we had characters running such as P. T. Barnum, George Wallace and Huey Long.

Doris compares our tech revolution and globalization to the revolution of the Industrial Revolution.  Everything sped up then and it made people very anxious.  With anxiety comes fear and anger and we are seeing the results.  It is hard for people to keep up.  You might enjoy reading her interview in yesterday’s New York Times.  Basically, she is saying that this too shall pass.

What nobody is focusing on enough is the hacking problem.  This is being ignored for the short term.  It is very serious and people should take seriously the vast digital network of bloggers and paid social-media commenters that Russia maintains.  Many do not maintain themselves as Russian themselves.  The Atlantic magazine (November, 2016) calls these operations “icebergs” because they operate beneath the surface.  RT or English channel Russian television is just a small part that is visible.  They have interfered in the Scottish Independence 2014 movement as well as the Brexit campaign.  The ultimate prize is the US campaign.  The goal is to undermine trust and to sap the credibility of US institutions.  It is quite chilling and extremely dangerous.

There is so much more going on than meets the eye in this campaign.  We will keep moving forward but do not lose trust in the strength of the United States to survive this massive change.  Remember, we won’t be done with all this exposure until 2024.  We must stay united.



17 responses to “Election Fog Still Holds with Clinton Win”

  1. Janice says:

    Dear Gail:
    I am amazed at your ability to predict with precise timing. I told some friends who are not believing in numerology/astrology to watch for Nov 5 with Hillary Clinton. Now I can email them that FBI Director Comey put out his retraction on Nov 6. While it may not completely change voters minds in time (if the new email investigation was a problem for them), but it sure shows that aspects and transits are real and there is a timing to them.
    Wish you had better news than the need to wait until 2024 for things to really change.

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you Sharon for speaking up about how Comey’s statement was illegal and that he violated the Hatch Act. When this election is over, and if Hillary wins, I might have to thank Trump. I believe there are many people who still carry a conscious or unconscious belief that women are inferior. If she had run against a traditional candidate it might be a different outcome because there wouldn’t have been all the theatrics, as well as witnessing his own party turning against him. In one of the debates he even acknowledged that he admired the fact that she doesn’t give up. Some have argued that women are too emotional but the debates proved him as the emotional one (like a kid having a tantrum) where she stood up to him and kept calm. He unknowingly proved her being capable of holding office.

  3. Coleen L. says:

    Thanks for the update Gail! I just mailed in my ballot yesterday and it felt really good. Thanks for helping to keep hope alive!

  4. Gaye says:

    Debbie, Hillary being President has little to do with her being female. She is brilliant, competent, experienced, and has the temperament and has the comportment. And as I’m sure you find it hard to believe, Debbie, she really does care about the people. Read her book, It Takes A Village.

  5. Even if Hillary wins and the scandals continue, there is always the possibility she could be impeached. Wouldnt that be a turn of events!
    Still, with a Pisces moon, Hillary might have a stroke of conscience, take to heart all the transgressions and resolve to be the kind of woman President we can all be proud of. Hope springs eternal!

  6. Jude says:

    I agree. The hacking, the KGB who you know is behind most of this in Russia, the concept of “Of the people, by the people and for the people” has been lost in a world of greed and an exceptional stance.
    When there was prediction from Nostradamus about the anti-Christ I don’t feel that it is a person but a cacophony of hatred, ego,
    greed, fear all wrapped up in the One-ness of who we are. This in and of itself is a challenge that only the God in all of us can heal.

  7. Linda Langston says:

    Always interested in your wisdom. Thank you. If there is speculation that Ms.H will win then why are we encouraged to vote?

  8. I have been a reluctant Hillary supporter but have come to respect her the more I learned about her. Ezra Klein did a very nice piece a month or so ago comparing the public HRC and the one known to those she has worked with over these years. I am saddened by the amount of hate that has been flung around this election but I believe that HRC will do an admirable job as President.

  9. Debbie says:

    She may win, however, that will be my & many others, chance to be totally disgusted . NOT my idea (ever) of a first female president. I’m ashamed to be born into the same sex as this woman that will represent us to the rest of the world, from the USA.
    Nothing New, Spiritual, Positive or Forward Moving at all w/ her…..
    Same BS in a different package.

  10. Jan says:

    Hmmm….I’m thinking a lot of things that probably wouldn’t be well received in this group. However, I can say that I am anxious….but not because oft the speed up of technology. As to the “hackers,” let’s not shoot the messenger but pay attention to what is being revealed in black and white. There is ample concern re lack of trust and credibility with or without Russian involvement.

  11. Sharon says:

    Thank you, Gail, for a comprehensive overview.

    I am very concerned, as t he hacking problem is serious matter for our country. It is significant WikiLeaks and the Russian hackers went after DNC and Hillary, not Trump. Why is that? Trump has known Russian connections, including his top adviser(s) who had to resign this summer when those facts became known. It’s obvious the Russians have an agenda and are not leaking anything on Trump, which they have the capability to do (i.e. undoubtedly they could hack into the computer that holds his IRS returns, which he refuses to release and it is a first for any presidential candidate to refuse to do so).

    It is now known that Comey’s statement was illegal. George W. Bush’s former White House Ethics Attorney filed a complaint against Comey immediately saying he violated the Hatch Act. Plus now there are alleged deeper implications of a conspiracy.

    It is a breath of fresh air to read your update opining that Hillary will be the one to cross the finish line and win this election! Our nation cannot continue with a do nothing Congress and Senate for four more years, who have become partisan obstructionists with their own agenda without regard for constituents.
    As I said, recently, Crisis AWAKENS and our country is definitely is in the midst of one with this election.


  12. Cathrine Glashan says:

    Thanks once again Gail. A few unpublished facts: The National Rifle Association (NRA) has spent more than $26 million trying to defeat Hilary. Ads such as “out-of-touch hypocrite” who will “leave you defenseless” is one of theirs. NRA has poured $$$$ into all Rep. congressional candidates as well. NRA goal? Elect a pro-2nd Amendment President and Senate that will confirm the next Supreme Court Judges.

  13. Kayci says:

    I can’t imagine the “Donald” would ever capitulate as his ego is too big. He will pick himself up and start his own media station and continue telling more and more lies. He can gather enough money to start other things where he will be front and center. And, he would not miss the chance of being a thorn in the side of Hillary and the Democratic party. It seems to me Trump has created a Trump character and believes his own lies. As he has been taught by Roy Coen, his mentor, when you tell a lie long enough people will believe it after awhile. My hope is if Hillary does get in, as you say, and she does take to heart many of the unrest that has been uncovered about the government and the lack of caring for the people they are serving very seriously. There truly needs to be changes made in so many areas. It would be interesting to see if many of the scandals that have also been attached to previous presidents will come to light or will things just die away as always. Interesting times for sure.

  14. Hello Karen,
    No, I don’t see him doing himself in but I do see him with a rough period beginning around November 4th. He doesn’t have the best self-esteem and there is a tendency to self-sabotage in his chart. He will make the best of it and use it to his advantage, new show etc. He has a large following and he can capitalize on it. It isn’t a money crowd so they won’t be into his steaks, buildings, prestige names. It will be more of a media phenomenon.

  15. Karen says:

    Thank you for confirming that she will win this race, and for always giving us comfort in knowing these are normal things that happen during a transition and that we will come out of it better than before. The history you provided is very interesting. I’m concerned too about the Russian hacking, and the fact that Trump thought it was great gave me cause for concern. I voted early with a mail-in ballot on October 14th, and am encouraging others to vote for their best choice. I keep getting the feeling that Trump’s emotional make up and ego is so fragile that when he loses he might take a dive off of Trump Tower, or simply have a heart attack and pass. This sounds weird, even to me, but do you see the capacity for him to capitulate in his chart?

  16. Laurie Pollack says:

    I just feel this is a message from God showing us truth. It never stops. No one person is perfect, but for many of us we will only vote for Trump. Peace!

  17. Kim says:


    How do you explain all of the scandals and deaths that have surrounded this woman?


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