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Your Most Important Birthdays–Every 7 years

Most of us are very happy to be able to keep having birthdays.  They are cause for celebration and we look forward to them.  Of course, the usual complaints about aging and losing friends over time are ever present.  Yet, as we age, we still amaze ourselves that we have survived the many things that almost killed us or broke our hearts.  We keep trudging forward following an invisible guidance system that wakes us in the morning and puts our feet on the floor.

What we don’t think about is the total change to our system that takes place every seven years.  It begins at age 7.  It is easy to see in young people but harder to recognize in adults.  These seven-year cycles are called Soul Cycles and every one of us has them.  We enter the world with a seven-year rhythm.  June Burke, the author of “Self-Discovery & Manifestation”, speaks very seriously about these important birthdays.  I highly recommend her book.  During each of these seven-year birthdays, there is a natural release of energy that encourages us to move forward.  The 7-8 year old is easy to spot.  This begins the Soul’s demand to be seen as an individual and not as a collective.  You begin to really get ready for this first 7 year cycle at age 5.  An aggressiveness begins and the word “No” is paramount.  By the age of the 7, the child is restless to take on the world outside of its family of origin.  During the first seven years the child is pretty pliable and is molded by the family and its opinions, treatments and rules.  It is after the age of 8 that the child really wants more interaction with the outside world and to develop its own identity.

This continues until the next Soul Cycle at age 14.  Here comes the defiance.  Private space is formed, physical changes occur in both girls and boys.  Identities are trying to be found.  The child is now molded by schools, stores and every place that a teenager goes.  From 21-22, the next Soul Cycle, is the preparation time for adulthood.  There is an attitude of “knowing everything”.  They do not want to be told.  Adulthood and all that it represents actually begins at the 4th Soul Cycle at age 28-29.  This is the time  when the Soul wants to see what the world will give it.  This begins the famous first Saturn return in Astrology.   Remember these periods of Soul Cycles are powerful.  Here is a list for you to know:

Ages: 7-8; 14-15; 21-22; 28-29; 35-36; 42-43; 49-50; 56-57; 63-64; 70-71; 77-78; 84-85; 91-92; 98-99; 105-106; 112-113.  These ages all represent an important cycle for the Soul’s growth.  It is not until you have completed seven of these cycles, or age 49-50, that the Soul and the personality are integrated enough to be effective in the world and to free themselves from many “should’s” and a false sense of self.  Remember, too, at each one of these cycles there is a complete chemical change in the body and a need for a release of preconceived attitudes that no longer serve you.  Each one of these cycles encourages you to thrust forward, let go, wake up, expand.  The trick to successful forward progress is to listen to the reality of the inner self.  It is never too late and an individual blueprint, in general, is 120 years.  We leave too soon and wake up late.  How about changing that dynamic to waking up early and leaving late.


2 responses to “Your Most Important Birthdays–Every 7 years”

  1. Gail Minogue says:

    Once you go through each 7 soul cycle birthday, lasting one year, the first being 7 to 8, you grow in awareness. The purpose of these soul years is to imprint you with everything you learned the prior 7 years. You go from “glory to glory”. When you leave this life, you take with you everything you learned, the senses etc. Everything but your clothes and body. It takes about 7 of these soul cycle, years, or 49 to 50 before you are integrated enough and can begin to free yourself. Keep on growing.

  2. Benny says:

    Is there a 7 year maturity upgrade happening at the ages of 8,15, 22, 29, 36,43 etc.? The soul is downloading everything it learned in the previous 7 years correct? Thanks!

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