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You Pay the Price for Being An American in the Aquarian Age

I have previously discussed the origins of the United States of America from a more esoteric point of view including why this country was created and what it its greater purpose.  As you know, we have entered into the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius”–the long, approximately 2400 hundred years of change and progress for the species.  With it comes the concept of the rights of the individual and the merging of the rights of the individual with the collective.  Many other characteristics of this Age include great advancement in the use of energy, technology, astrophysics, nanobots, rapid discoveries, global inclusion, detachment, mind focus and  a contraction and eventual elimination of man-made religions.  It is difficult to imagine a world without some of the habits of our current daily lives.

If you understand the beginnings of the last Age, or a few hundred years prior to the birth of Jesus Christ, you can see we have advanced.  Eventually parts of the world that are still living in a time period similar to the beginning of the last Age, will be included in this world progression into the Aquarian Age.  Africa is a late arrival to the group but she is joining as are other parts of the world.  As we march along with the procession of the constellations in the heavens, we progress to the next Age.  Humankind rarely gives a thought to our being tied to the constellations or the procession of the equinox but it is easy to see the connection once you understand their importance.

Now how does this affect the average, every day American?  A great deal!  We were chosen hundreds of years ago to help usher in this period of advancement.  You could almost say with the birth of the United States, the Aquarian Age became official.  From the time of our beginning, we had to detach from Mother Britain and go it alone.  Brave men and women pledged their lives and fortunes to begin a place on the planet where the individual would be developed.  In order to do this, a system of laws were created to help progress this idea.  The Constitution and Bill of Rights were created as a working body of law that could be changed as society changed.

Through the United States’ birth, the world could begin to pull away from the hierarchy of the King and the Pope.  It was a rag tag group of people lumping their dreams and hopes in a new land where the individual could be developed.  It is the hot house for new ideas, capitalism, industry, invention, human rights and favorable bankruptcy laws.  You could fail in the United States and you could start over which was and still is a foreign concept in most countries.  Yes, we have the ACLU, but we also have the Koch brothers.  We have welcomed foreigners to our shore and we still fight over immigration.  We have always been doing this only earlier is was over the Germans, Irish and Italians.

What is the price we pay for being the chief cheerleader of this Aquarius Age?  We are still the beacon on the hill and I never hear anyone say that want to emigrate to China or India or other booming economies.  We pay the price with our loneliness.  We are the largest user of the world’s anti-depressants.  In order to become individualized, we must leave the tribe.  That could be leaving your family and friends “back east” or in another country in order to take a new job or begin a new life.  Without our family and friends, we are forced to create new communities wherever we go.  We are forced do rub up against people who are different than us.  We drive social media and join churches and temples for a sense of community rather than religious dogma.

We separate young from old and put our old in nursing homes and other housing over “there”.  We give up our privacy in the name of technology.  We jump on the next fad or movement.  Nassir Ghaemi, the author of “On Depression and A First-Rate Madness” and a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston wrote “The Dark Side of Feel-Good Viral Videos” at Zocalo Public Square,  he mentions that “almost two centuries ago, Ralph Waldo Emerson noted that the average American walked around with a new proposed Constitution in his pocket.  Reformers where all over the place; they were convinced they could change the world.  An yet, Emerson observed, they paid no attention to their own souls, to their own private unhappiness, to be better connected to the actual world around them as opposed to the abstract universes in their minds.”

He mentions that we are lonely and bored and so we go looking for stimulation and we get into trouble on occasion.  He goes on to say that we are more self-obsessed, but paradoxically, we let the entire world know about it.  It is another self-centered, self-obsession in which we spend hours on Facebook and meet friends in person less frequently.

Remember, early on I mentioned that we are the pioneers of this Age and we are to learn how to wisely develop the individual and merge it into the collective.  We are learning what works for us by going to extremes.  The early Facebook audience were mainly teenagers who have moved on to other sites.  Now a middle age audience is growing on Facebook.  All of this is teaching us about ourselves and the maturing of the individual.  We are passing from “teenage” self-absorption to humankind absorption.  Remember, Ages are long as we move from constellation to constellation.  We no longer are making gingerbread type housing, we no longer are an agricultural society and our religions are morphing into more secular teachings.

We are learning how to keep our boundaries and to think before you speak or write.  We have about 2100 years to learn.

2 responses to “You Pay the Price for Being An American in the Aquarian Age”

  1. Irene Nilsen says:

    Thank you…brings clarity and a few “aha” moments to these tumultuous times. I do, however, foresee a lifting of consciousness to a deeper, greater spirituality coming from within as opposed to being imposed by outer authority figures.

  2. Sharon Warren says:

    Excellent memorable insights and noteworthy points.

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